Tuesday, November 19 2019 16:51
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Police revealed large thefts by the "Syunik" Water Users Association 

Police revealed large thefts by the "Syunik" Water Users Association 

ArmInfo.Armenian police revealed large thefts in the Syunik region of Armenia.

Thus, according to the RA Police, during the investigation it was  found out that the management of the Syunik Water Users Association,  taking advantage of the unfair attitude of the RA water committee  employees and improper fulfillment of their obligations, acting not  in the interests of the organization, did not install meters for  measuring water consumption , and recorded water volumes not in cubic  meters, but in hectares. "Thus, they deprived their subscribers of  the ability to control the amount of irrigation water used. Thus,  from 2017-2019, they increased the figure of volume of water used and  added in the electronic journal of water users,  actually inflating  the volumes of water used, which were attributed to subscribers, as a  result of which they collected an additional 45.272.000 drams, "the  RA Police noted.

At the same time, the source informs that the above company received  68.975.000 drams from the state as a subsidy, thereby causing serious  damage to the state.

The police also informed that the company also concluded a number of  formal contracts with individuals on the provision of various  services, which were subsequently not fully provided, and funds  allocated for this in the amount of 57.537.000 were stolen.  The  department also informed that in order to conceal these crimes, a  number of documents were deliberately destroyed. "Also, according to  forged documents, in the period from 2017-19, a salary was written  out in the name of the chief accountant who did not attend work - the  amount amounted to 7.278.000 drams," the RA police said, reporting  that a criminal case had been instituted, an investigation is  underway. 

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