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Asya Balayan

Armen Sargsyan: With the opening of the Armenian Embassy in Qatar,  the life of the Armenian community will change significantly.

Armen Sargsyan: With the opening of the Armenian Embassy in Qatar,  the life of the Armenian community will change significantly.

ArmInfo.As part of his official visit to the State of Qatar, Armenian President Armen Sargsyan visited the Armenian Embassy in Doha, which opened this year with the  effective support of the Government and the Emir of Qatar.

Qatar expressed readiness for three years to provide the embassy with  400 thousand Qatari reais (about $ 110 thousand) per year, to  allocate a building for the diplomatic mission and two cars. In  total, the cost of maintaining the Armenian Embassy in Qatar will  amount to $ 192.6 thousand per year.

The President of Armenia was met by the Ambassador of Armenia in  Qatar, Gegham Garibjanian, the spiritual pastor of the Armenian  diocese of Qatar, Archimandrite Pogos Tinkchyan, representatives of  the Armenian community, as well as pupils of the Armenian Mesropyan  Gymnasium.

Welcoming those present, the President considered this day a historic  and long-awaited day for everyone, calling Qatar a friendly country  with friendly people. <For many years, we have all been waiting for  the embassy to open. During my many visits, when I met many of you,  it was said when, at last, the Armenian embassy will open>, the  president recalled. <Today it has become a reality, and I think that  the life of the Armenian community of Qatar will change significantly  from now on, as you will be more closely and directly connected with  the Homeland. The presence of the Motherland will be not only in your  hearts, but also in your daily life. I think that Armenia and Qatar  still have much to do both in the fields of politics, economics, and  in business relations and in cultural life>.

According to the president, the embassy should not only serve as a  bridge connecting the motherland, but also work to strengthen  Armenia-Qatar relations, expressing the hope that each of those  present contributes to the active development of Armenia-Qatar  relations.

Congratulating everyone on the opening of the embassy, the President  expressed special gratitude to the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al  Thani and the friendly people of Qatar for their assistance,  goodwill, and material support in opening the embassy.

As previously reported, the Qatari side expressed its readiness in  the event of the opening of the embassy in Qatar on the principle of  reciprocity to open the country's embassy in Armenia. 

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