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Naira Badalian

Draft:  Yerevan budget expenditures to grow by about AMD 31 billion  in 2020 

Draft:  Yerevan budget expenditures to grow by about AMD 31 billion  in 2020 

ArmInfo.  In 2020, the budget  revenues of Yerevan will amount to 107 billion 120 million drams,  compared to 83 billion 077 million drams envisaged for the current  year.

 Expenditures will be approximately at the level of 116 billion  233 million drams, instead of 91 billion drams for 2019 (against the  approved 84.34 billion drams). The deficit of the city budget is 9  billion 113 million drams against 1 billion 269 million drams for the  current year. The draft law "On the Budget of the City of Yerevan for  2020" is available on the single portal of legal acts

Revenues of the capital treasury

Own revenues (local taxes and fees, revenues from privatization and  sale of municipal property, other own revenues of local budgets) will  amount to 26 billion 994 million drams, or 32.5% of the projected  total revenue of the city budget, against about 3 billion drams  envisaged for 2019 (29.5% of total revenues) and about 5 billion 588  million drams actual for 2018.

Tax revenues of the capital treasury are projected at the level of 14  billion 814 million drams, or 17% (2 billion 156 million drams) more  than in 2019. The actual indicator for 2018 was lower than the  forecasted figure by 3 billion 649 billion drams or 32.7%.

Through official grants, according to the draft budget of the  Republic of Armenia for 2020, Yerevan will receive 24 billion 015  million drams, 0.66% or 158 million drams more than within the  framework of the adjusted indicator for the current year.  Other  income is projected to generate revenues of 64 billion 675 million  drams, against 43 billion 520 million drams for the current year.

Projected expenses

The expenditures of the capital's budget in 2020 will grow by about  31.8 billion drams - up to 116 billion 233 million drams. Current  expenses will account for 90.3%, or about 105 billion drams  (administrative budget), 11 billion 290 million drams - for net  expenses of non-financial assets (stock expenses), and the amount of  receipts and expenses from non-financial assets will be 3 billion 921  million drams.

31.7% of budget expenditures will be allocated to the social sector  (education, health care, social security), 19.5% will be required in  the transport sector, and 17.7% in environmental protection. The  reserve fund of the capital administration will make 10 billion 018  million drams. From the reserve fund of the administrative part of  the capital budget for 2020, 9 billion 228 million 174 thousand drams  will be allocated for the implementation of the Investment Program  for Sustainable Urban Management and Urban Infrastructures  implemented by the Asian Bank - 2: coordination and management  (delegation of authority).  According to the project, an amount of 9  billion 509 million drams or 8.2% of total expenses, which exceeds  the adjusted figure for 2019 by 271 million 684 thousand drams, is  envisaged to support the activities of the governing body. The salary  fund accounts for 5 billion 565 million 619 thousand drams.   Officials also provided a bonus fund in the amount of 34.1% of the  total salary fund. 45 million drams will be allocated for the  establishment of flags.

According to the draft budget for 2020, it is planned to introduce a  new landscaping model. For this purpose, 3.6 billion drams will be  allocated, which is 2.1 billion drams more than the adjusted  indicator for the current year. It is also planned to increase funds  for the resettlement of residents of emergency buildings. It is  planned to allocate 1.5 billion drams for landscaping the yards next  year. The city authorities will send 179mln200 thousand drams for the  overhaul of elevators in apartment buildings, which is 148 million  more than the adjusted figure for 2019. Asphalt volumes will also  increase, sidewalks will be built in the amount of 696 million drams.  About 100 million drams will be allocated for the modernization of  the street lighting network.

In 2020, it is also planned to increase the salary of employees of  municipal music and sports schools, as well as art schools. In the  field of health, the mayor's office plans to implement a number of  major programs. Polyclinics will be repaired (250 mln drams) and  equipped with the necessary modern medical equipment. Kindergartens  will be reequipped in order to accept more children. 

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