Friday, November 15 2019 15:14
Naira Badalian

Yerevan`s development programs for five-year presented for public  discussion

 Yerevan`s development programs for five-year presented for public  discussion

ArmInfo. Yerevan's development  programs for 2019-2023 were presented for public discussion and for  2020, draft decisions of the Council of Elders on programs, budgets,  local duties, payments and benefits.

As the press service of the metropolitan administration reports,  members of the Council under the Mayor of Yerevan unanimously adopted  the decision on the five-year development program and the annual  budget of the Yerevan Municipality.

During the meeting, the host of the meeting, Deputy Mayor Hayk  Sargsyan, answered questions from members of the Council. They also  presented their observations and made a number of suggestions.

Citizens will be able to familiarize themselves with the projects and  submit their proposals and comments on them until November 26 at the  websites:, or send an email to, fin.gorc@yerevan .am,, as well  as submit them in writing to Yerevan Municipality.

On November 27, at 11:00, open public hearings will be held in  Yerevan Municipality (Argishti Street 1).  To participate in the  hearing, you must submit an application until November 25, 2019  inclusive.

Earlier, ArmInfo, citing the press secretary of Yerevan Municipality  Hakob Karapetyan, reported that the budget of the capital of Armenia  for 2020 will record unprecedented growth: compared to 2019, its  revenue in 2020 will increase by about 24 billion drams to 107.1  billion drams.

Moreover, as the representative of the Yerevan administration pointed  out, for the first time this year, the revenues of the Armenian  capital exceeded the threshold of 100 billion drams. "For a better  understanding of the dynamics, I note that during the period from  2010 to 2019, the budget revenues increased by 34.415 billion drams,  and only for 2019-2020 the growth will be 23.920 billion," Karapetyan  emphasized, noting that the city's own revenues in the current year  increase by 3 billion drams. Thus, revenues to the budget of Yerevan  in 2019 amounted to 83,200.0 million drams (against the assigned  83,077.572 million drams in 2019 and the actual 68.7 billion drams in  2018), and next year they will be brought up to 107.1 billion drams.  Expenditures will be at the level of 116 billion drams, instead of 91  billion drams for 2019 (against the approved 84.34 billion drams). 

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