Friday, November 15 2019 11:21
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia did not support the updated draft resolution on Crimea  adopted by the committee of the UN General Assembly.

Armenia did not support the updated draft resolution on Crimea  adopted by the committee of the UN General Assembly.

ArmInfo. The Third  Committee of the UN General Assembly supported the draft updated  resolution on the Crimea entitled "The situation of human rights in  the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol,  Ukraine." This was reported on the page of the Ukrainian delegation  to the UN on Twitter.

According to Ukraine, the draft resolution was supported by 67  countries, another 23 opposed the document, 82 states abstained. 38  countries co-sponsored the document.

As it became known, among the states that did not support the bill:  Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Syria, North Korea,  and a number of Latin American and African countries. Most countries  in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East abstained, the countries  of the European Union and the United States supported the document.  Following adoption by the committee, a resolution on human rights in  Crimea will be put to the vote of the General Assembly. Moreover,  UNGA resolutions are not binding.

Thus, the adopted draft resolution contains a reference to the  international legal definition of aggression and a warning that  obtaining territory or other advantages as a result of aggression  cannot and will not be considered legal.

"The resolution requires the Russian Federation to stop the policy of  changing the demographic situation in Crimea by relocating its  population and forcing them to evict. The document condemns the mass  detention of activists and human rights defenders on the basis of  allegations of support for terrorism, in particular, representatives  of the Crimean Solidarity civil initiative. The resolution calls for  end the persecution and release people detained for expressing  opinions, in particular at the beginning of the occupation, and also  condemns the ongoing practice of calling men in the Armed forces of  the Russian Federation and the criminal prosecution of those who  refuse to serve in the ranks of the state  occupier, "- said in a  statement to the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN. 

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