Thursday, November 14 2019 18:37
Marianna Mkrtchyan

Moscow condemned ISIS attack on Armenian priests in Syria

Moscow condemned ISIS attack on Armenian priests in Syria

ArmInfo. The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the attack on the Armenian priests in Syria by ISIS militants.

So, on November 14, during a weekly briefing, Russian Foreign  Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, speaking about the details of  the incident, said in particular: "We express our sincere condolences  to the families of the victims and the Armenian community in Syria.  Acts of terror and violence against Christians that continue outside  the government of the SAR of course, these brutal crimes indicate  that terrorist organizations that do not yet have are insignificant  and with which it is necessary to really fight, and not talk about  the fight. What would we endlessly hear from our Western partners,  hiding behind various reasons and also justifying their crimes? "

At the same time, she stressed that Moscow is convinced that an end  to terrorism and extremism in Syria is possible only when the  legitimate government of the SAR will control the entire territory of  the country, ensuring its sovereignty, territorial integrity,  constitutional order and a peaceful, dignified life for all Syrians ,  regardless of their faith.

On November 11, terrorists attacked a car of priests heading to  Deir  ez-Zor which claimed the lives of two priests - a father and a son -  Pastor of the Armenian Catholic Community of Qamishli, Father Hovsep  Petoyan and Father Hana Abraham Petoyan. A deacon of the church was  also injured. The two priests lost their lives while  serving the  war-torn community of Deir ez-Zor. According to various sources, the  ISIL terrorist organization claimed responsibility for the killing of  the priests.

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