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Historian: For a country at war, issues of national identity should  be a priority

Historian: For a country at war, issues of national identity should  be a priority

ArmInfo.For Armenia, as a country being in state f war, the issues of national identity must be prioritized. A similar opinion was expressed by Artak Movsisyan, head  of YSU History Department, during a press conference with the  participation of professors from Armenian universities and the  National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

To note, today's meeting with journalists was convened against the  background of the upcoming draft law on higher education and the  subsequent strikes of YSU students. According to the ministerial  initiative, the Armenian language, literature and history of Armenia  will be selective for non-core faculties of universities.

Speakers noted that the draft law presented by the ministry contains  dangerous items related not only to Armenological subjects, but even  to the possible closure of the National Academy of Sciences.  Ashot  Melkonyan, director of the Institute of History of the National  Academy of Sciences of Armenia, compared the upcoming bill with an  attempt to cut down a tree instead of cutting dry branches.

Director of the Institute of Language of the National Academy of  Sciences Victor Katvalian stated that the draft law was drawn up  incorrectly, but at the same time calling the regulations on the  academy unacceptable, assuring that the NAS was and remains the  leader of science.

Vardan Devrikyan, Director of the Institute of Literature of the  National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, called the situation with  the discussion about the necessity of teaching the Armenian language  and history at universities a shame, since without knowledge of  history there cannot be a full-fledged citizen.  The speakers noted  that the current model is not related to the Soviet period, noting  that the European model of education operates in Armenia.  The  regulation on university governance also goes beyond logic and  violates the independence of universities, the speakers noted, saying  that according to the bill, the autonomy of universities is reduced  to zero.  YSU Faculty of History Dean Edik Minasyan said that  studying the subjects "Armenian language" and "History of Armenia"  are extremely important and necessary in matters of national security  and education of generations. According to Minasyan, the goal of the  strike of YSU students is to attract attention and the need to  develop a unified concept. The Dean regretted that students' calls  remained unanswered. At the same time, explaining that no one guides  the students, and their further steps will depend on the position of  the ministry.  "The minister announced that science should move to  universities. This means that now it is not there, with this we do  not agree. And in general, why did such a need arise? There are many  problems in the field of education and science, but why did the ax  fall specifically on the Armenian language and history?'', Ashot  Melkonyan, director of the Institute of History of the National  Academy of Sciences of Armenia, wondered.  Edgar Hovhannisyan, Dean  of the Faculty of History and Law of the Pedagogical University,  emphasized that the Pedagogical University joins the protest and is  ready to raise its voice against the bill.  Meanwhile, the professors  expect an urgent discussion with the Minister of Education, Science,  Culture and Sports Arayik Harutyunyan of this topic.  Earlier it  became known that the lecturers of Yerevan State University will hold  a one-day strike in solidarity with students, while urging students  to stop the strike.

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