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Vazgen Manukyan leaves Public Council of Armenia

Vazgen Manukyan leaves Public Council of Armenia

ArmInfo. Vazgen Manukyan leaves the Public Council of Armenia.  In his statement, he noted in particular: "The new authorities had an exceptional opportunity to  lead the country in the direction of development, rallying the people  around national problems. Unfortunately, they took a different path,  and today in our country an environment of mistrust and hatred has  formed. This is happening against the background of additional  challenges to our security that have arisen in connection with world  and regional changes, including in the Artsakh issue>.

According to Manukyan, it was the Public Council that could become  one of the most productive instruments in creating an environment of  peace and solidarity of the people. Meanwhile, according to him, the  authorities continue to take steps and initiate programs that further  exacerbate the situation. As an example, Manukyan cited including  transitional justice and educational reforms. Manukyan further  recalls that he previously made unsuccessful attempts to meet with  the Prime Minister to discuss ways to ease tensions in society.  "Under these conditions, I consider my further activities in the  Public Council pointless, and decided to leave, which I notified the  government in writing about," he said, adding that he would continue  the struggle for the good of the state and people.

It should be reminded that earlier NA MP Arman Babajanyan demanded  that Vazgen Manukyan be dismissed by sending a letter to  Prime  Minister Nikol Pashinyan. According to him, the reason for this was  the fact that during a conversation with Nairi Hunanyan, who was  serving a life sentence for a terrorist attack in parliament on  October 27, 1999, there were several references to the name of Vazgen  Manukyan.  Manukyan, for his part, openly stated that although he was  familiar with Hunanyan at the beginning of the Karabakh movement, he  did not maintain any ties with him in the future.

As for the recent criticism of the authorities, Manukyan explained  this circumstance by the fact that his criticism is constructive, and  is rather advisory in nature. To recall, the post of chairman of the  Public Council Manukyan held since May 30, 2009. His term expired in  April next year. 

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