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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Official Yerevan sharply answered Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia

Official Yerevan sharply answered Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia

ArmInfo.. Official Yerevan sharply answered the Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia.

Thus, the Armenian Foreign Ministry, responding to the accusations of  the Ukrainian side about Armenia's violation of obligations, in  connection with the visit of Armenian citizens to Crimea, in  particular, said:  "Armenia is committed to its international  obligations and has never restricted the fundamental right of its  citizens to freedom of movement. If necessary, the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs RA makes travel recommendations based on security  issues. "

Earlier, the Ukrainian Embassy in Armenia expressed dissatisfaction  with the fact that a group of RA citizens visited Crimea. "Most of  this group is not the first time making a visit in violation of  Ukrainian legislation on visiting the occupied Crimea. In this  regard, we would like to recall that violation of the rules for  visiting the occupied territories involves not only administrative,  but also criminal liability in accordance with Ukrainian  legislation," noted in the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, while  expressing dissatisfaction with the fact that there was information  about the possible establishment of relations between Armenia and the  Crimea in the various fields. The Embassy noted that the  establishment of such relations would be a violation of the  cooperation agreement between Armenia and Ukraine of May 14, 1996.

"In addition, some Armenian media under the influence of Russia  report that these persons appear to be from the estate of Armenia,  which is also of concern. In this regard, we appeal to RA citizens  and urge them to comply with the rules of visiting the occupied  Crimea, as required by Ukrainian law," the Ukrainian Embassy in  Armenia noted. 

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