Wednesday, November 13 2019 14:37
Karina Manukyan

Family. Sacred foundations. Church. Bible: Tsarukyan explained why  he opposes Istanbul Convention

Family. Sacred foundations. Church. Bible: Tsarukyan explained why  he opposes Istanbul Convention

ArmInfo.The leader of the Prosperous Armenia party Gagik Tsarukyan explained why he is opposed to the Istanbul Convention.

<We are the first Christian nation. A family. Sacred foundations.  Church. Bible. It is unacceptable for us that people of  non-traditional sexual orientation can adopt and raise a child. For  the Prosperous Armenia Party, starting from Gagik Tsarukyan, this is  unacceptable. Let all that they want declare about us - that we have  outdated thinking, and so on. Are we saying something bad? We propose  appropriate legislative initiatives, "Tsarukyan stressed on November  13 in an interview with reporters. Answering the question of whether  the Istanbul Convention contains acceptable provisions for the party,  he said: <They say that the Istanbul Convention is against violence.  Let's adopt our national law against violence, establish three, four  times more severe penalties. We do not want such formulations to be  <between the lines>. We add that earlier the Prosperous Armenia  faction proposed amending the Family Code to prohibit same-sex  marriage and adoption of children by these couples. On the part of  the parliamentary majority, the proposal to include these bills on  the agenda was rejected. It should be noted that in January 2018,  Armenia signed the Istanbul Convention ("Council of Europe Convention  on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic  Violence"). However, this convention has not yet been ratified by the  country's parliament. The Istanbul Convention (or the "Council of  Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women  and Domestic Violence") was signed in 2011 in Istanbul (Turkey). Of  the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, 34 have ratified the  Convention, 11 have signed. In Armenia, this convention was opposed  by the general public, as well as the Armenian Apostolic Church, who  believe that it contradicts the national, family and traditional  foundations of the Armenian people.

Earlier, the RA Ministry of Justice sent the Istanbul Convention to  the Venice Commission in order to study its compliance with the norms  of the country's legislation.

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