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Alexandr Avanesov

Ambassador: US is interested in further development of efficient  partnership with Armenia

Ambassador: US is interested in further development of efficient  partnership with Armenia

ArmInfo.The US is interested in further developing an effective partnership with  Armenia, and there are many opportunities for positive changes. This  was announced by the US Ambassador to Armenia Lynne Tracy on November  12 during a meeting with the President of the Republic of Armenia  Armen Sarkissian.

According to the press service of the President of Armenia, during  the meeting, which was also attended by Deputy Ambassador Christopher  W. Smith, Head of USAID's Mission in Armenia Deborah Grieser, Head of  the U.S. Embassy Political Economy Section Ryan Campbell, Lynne Tracy  noted that in 2019 US assistance to Armenia increased by 40%. The  funds were mainly used to support democratic development in Armenia -  the fight against corruption, judicial reform, the protection of  human rights, and the strengthening of civil society. Major programs  of economic development initiatives were also presented.

The President of Armenia pointed to the high level of  Armenian-American cooperation in various fields.  He emphasized the  importance of further developing bilateral relations and praised the  support provided by the US government to Armenia. Armen Sarkissian  noted that each new initiative can lead to excellent results.

The interlocutors exchanged views on new opportunities for  cooperation. In this context, the president presented the events  planned for next year as part of the presidential initiatives,  including the 6th international festival STARMUS (<Armenian Summit of  Minds>), and in this context he emphasized the importance of  cooperation. Armen Sarkissian also referred to the ATOM presidential  initiative, which is aimed at developing the latest technologies and  science in Armenia. This initiative, in particular, aims to bring  large international technology companies to Armenia in order to  become one of the leading centers of artificial intelligence and  mathematical modeling in Armenia. He also suggested considering  cooperation opportunities in the framework of this project. 

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