Tuesday, November 12 2019 16:34
Karina Manukyan

Main corruption mechanisms identified in implementation of road  construction programs in Armenia

Main corruption mechanisms identified in implementation of road  construction programs in Armenia

ArmInfo. The Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia has identified the main corruption mechanisms in the implementation of road construction programs.

According to the press service of the department, over 9 months of  this year, 12 criminal cases have been opened on the facts of crimes  in this area. In total, 14 people were brought in as defendants, of  which 5 are on the wanted list. At the same time, the arrest was  chosen as a preventive measure against 8 persons. Over the same  period last year, 6 criminal cases were instituted for similar  crimes, and only one person received the status of the accused.

According to preliminary data, the amount of damage caused to the  state for 2018-2019 amounted to about 23.6 billion drams, for  communities - 18 million drams. Of this amount, a total of 227  million drams of damage was repaired. In some cases, on the part of  the companies that carried out the construction work, work is carried  out to eliminate the identified violations. Of the 18 criminal cases  instituted in the aforementioned period, 9 relate to the construction  of the North-South Road, and some high-ranking government officials  were involved in criminal schemes. During the investigation, it was  possible to establish the most common criminal schemes in the  implementation of road construction programs. This, in particular,  the preparation of fake acts on the performance of work and false  documentation regarding the volume of work and services provided,  which helped either significantly reduce the tax burden, or to avoid  paying taxes. In addition, facts were revealed that the work  performed did not meet existing standards. In addition, in the case  of the North-South program, the head of the charitable foundation  used his direct influence to conclude agreements with companies that  were directly related to it. Within the framework of the criminal  cases, work is underway to identify all persons involved in these  crimes.

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