Tuesday, November 12 2019 16:10
Karina Manukyan

Judge on case of Manvel Grigoryan rejected a motion on his self  recusal

Judge on case of Manvel Grigoryan rejected a motion on his self  recusal

ArmInfo. On November 12, the lawyers of the RA National Assembly former MP Manvel Grigoryan submitted a motion on recusal of Judge Mnatsakan Martirosyan.   According to lawyers, the judge demonstrates bias when considering  the case of both Grigoryan himself and his wife Nazik Amiryan.

The petition was criticized by the prosecutor, who, calling it  unfounded, reminded that the state of health of Manvel Grigoryan,  according to expert opinion, allows him to attend court hearings.

Having considered the application in the deliberation room, the judge  decided to reject it.

Manvel Grigoryan is accused of illegal possession of weapons and  ammunition by prior conspiracy with his wife Nazik Amiryan, son Arman  Grigoryan and others are accused of misappropriation of property  allocated for the needs of military personnel and volunteers  protecting the borders of the Artsakh Republic in the April four-day  war and subsequent days of evading payment of taxes, embezzlement of  public funds and organization of theft of property with extortion.  The investigation of the highlighted part of the criminal case  against Manvel Grigoryan and his wife Nazik Amiryan has been  completed, the case has been sent to court, and the son of Grigoryan,  Arman Grigoryan, has been put on the wanted list.

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