Tuesday, November 12 2019 15:34
Alexandr Avanesov

MP to parliamentary majority: You put out the fire in the souls of  800 thousand poor people

MP to parliamentary majority: You put out the fire in the souls of  800 thousand poor people

ArmInfo. The socio-economic  situation in Armenia has not changed, and those who are in the worst  position are those whose pensions do not meet the minimum needs. On  November 12, presenting the amendments to the law "On State  Pensions", the author of the presented document, MP of the Prosperous  Armenia faction Tigran Urikhanyan, stated.

The MP proposed to include in the seniority and part-time work.  Tigran Urikhanyan emphasized that the current socio-economic  situation in the country does not allow pensioners to provide for  their minimum needs even in a weekly context. The MP recalled the  statements of the country's authorities on a significant economic  growth, as a result of which it was possible to attract additional  financial resources to the state budget. "And why not direct these  resources to solving the problems of socially vulnerable sectors of  society, including pensioners", asked the MP, recalling that this is  the fourth government before which this question is being raised. "If  an Armenian citizen, who took to the streets a year and a half ago to  change the quality of his life, doesn't get what he presented you  with power on a tray, you put out the fire in the souls of 800  thousand poor people that broke out a year and a half ago," the MP  said.

This statement caused an extremely negative reaction from Speaker of  the RA parliament Ararat Mirzoyan. "Is this your personal observation  that power was presented on a tray?", Ararat Mirozoyan reacted.

"Yes, people have presented you with power with their own hands," the  MP replied, to which the Speaker noted that everyone remembers the  sources of power well and the results that were obtained from the  election. "And you should not constantly remind us of this,  especially when it comes to expressing the power on a tray," the  Speaker said.

The MPs reminded Urikhanyan of increasing pensions by 10% from next  year, salaries for teachers, doctors, and employees of the Ministry  of Emergencies.  We note, however, that the bill was not included in  the parliament's big agenda with 35 votes in favor and 72 against. 

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