Tuesday, November 12 2019 15:33
Alexandr Avanesov

MP: No employee should be fired without any reason

MP: No employee should be fired without any reason

ArmInfo. No employee should  be fired without any reason, Gevorg Petrosyan, a MP of the National  Assembly from the Prosperous Armenia faction, said this at a meeting  of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on November 12,  presenting amendments to the Law on Joint-Stock Companies to be  included in the big parliamentary agenda.

According to the MP, the current law establishes that the meeting of  shareholders has the right at any time to terminate the powers of the  executive director of the joint-stock company. Now, taking into  account the reformed Constitution of the Republic of Armenia  prohibiting dismissal without appropriate grounds, it is proposed to  introduce into the law a provision according to which the executive  director of the joint-stock company can be dismissed in the manner  prescribed by law.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Permanent Parliamentary Commission  on Health and Social Affairs, Heriknaz Tigranyan, presenting the  justification for the negative conclusion, indicated that this  decision was due to the case-law of the Court of Cassation and the  decision of the Constitutional Court, according to which the  executive body of the joint-stock companies does not have the status  inherent in the employer-employee relationship.

To note, the bill by the ratio of 36 votes in "favor" and 61  "against" was not included in the big agenda of the parliament. 

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