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Shushan Safaryan

Armen Sarkissian to Lavrov: Relations between Armenia and Russia are  developing dynamically

Armen Sarkissian to Lavrov: Relations between Armenia and Russia are  developing dynamically

ArmInfo. Armenian President  Armen Sarkissian, at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey  Lavrov, who is on an official visit in Yerevan, noted that relations  between Armenia and Russia are developing dynamically.

As ArmInfo was informed in the administration of the head of state,  Sarkissian also emphasized that Sergey Lavrov, as head of the Russian  foreign ministry, also made a great contribution to strengthening the  Armenian-Russian friendship.

In turn, Lavrov, expressing gratitude for the warm welcome, conveyed  to President Sarkissian the best wishes of Russian President Vladimir  Putin. "This testifies to our strong determination to deepen allied  relations and strategic partnership in all areas," the Russian  minister said.

Speaking about the prospects for cooperation, Sarkissian presented a  number of events that are scheduled to be held in Armenia next year  as part of the Presidential initiatives, including the "Armenian  Summit of Minds", VI International Festival STARMUS and emphasized  the importance of cooperation in this context.

The President of the Republic, in particular, touched upon the ATOM  Presidential Initiative, which is aimed at developing the latest  technologies and science in Armenia. The program, among other  components, aims to bring large international information technology  companies to Armenia, turning our country into one of the leading  centers in the field of artificial intelligence and mathematical  modeling.  "We expect to actively cooperate with Russian companies  and educational institutions as part of these projects," Sarkissian  said.

The Russian Foreign Minister welcomed all those initiatives aimed at  expanding bilateral contacts and strengthening relations. 

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