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Karina Manukyan

In the case of Robert Kocharyan, 9 complaints were sent to the  Strasbourg court

In the case of Robert Kocharyan, 9 complaints were sent to the  Strasbourg court

ArmInfo. In the case of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, 9 complaints were sent to the European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg Court). Lawyer Aram Orbelyan announced this on November 8 at a press conference.

As noted, at present, 5 or 6 of the submitted complaints have been  registered, but they are not yet at the communication stage, that is,  notification of a complaint from the respondent state.  To recall,  the Constitutional Court of Armenia appealed to the ECHR to provide  an advisory opinion on the conformity of the Constitution of the  Republic of Armenia to Article 300.1 of the Criminal Code of the  Republic of Armenia. Under this article (Overthrow of the  constitutional order), Robert Kocharyan is charged. The ECHR accepted  the appeal of the Constitutional Court on October 2, and the Grand  Chamber of the ECHR was formed on October 7.

Orbelyan expressed hope that regarding the advisory opinion of the  ECHR, the decision will be made either at the end of this year or at  the beginning of 2020.  Speaking about the course of the trial, the  lawyer made a number of comments regarding the current situation. In  particular, restrictions on visits by Kocharyan, which Orbelyan  called unfounded, were criticized. In addition, the discontent caused  a large number of witnesses in the case - over 800, which could drag  out the trial for years.

He also negatively assessed the judge's decision to refuse to satisfy  the request to change Kocharyan's preventive measure from arrest to  bail. Orbelyan recalled that the ex-president had previously been at  liberty for 5 months, and during this period no facts had been  revealed indicating his plans to hide from justice. Having promised  that the team of lawyers would do everything possible to restore  Kocharyan's right to freedom, Orbelyan voiced the opinion that there  was clear pressure on the judicial system.  Robert Kocharyan is being  accused in the March 1, 2008 case. 

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