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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Robert Kocharyan believes Armenia`s cooperation with Russia in the  field of security and global processes is uncontested

Robert Kocharyan believes Armenia`s cooperation with Russia in the  field of security and global processes is uncontested

ArmInfo. In the light of  global processes in world politics, cooperation with Russia in the  field of security is gaining even greater significance and obvious  lack of alternative for Armenia.

This opinion was expressed in an  interview with Sputnik Armenia by the second President of Armenia  Robert Kocharyan, who is in custody, analyzing new stages in world  politics.  The second president of Armenia stated that today we are  witnessing fundamental changes in world politics, when the  indisputable leadership of the USA is effectively called into  question by new rising global players.

According to him, a world  leader who has exhausted the resource of dominance, but does not want  to give up his positions, is trying unsuccessfully to prevent the  growth of power and influence of growing opponents. In this context,  he stated that such processes are known to history, well studied by  experts and are always accompanied by uncertainty, instability, and  often also large and small wars.  "The US trade war with China, the  contrived series of sanctions against Russia, the US withdrawing from  the treaty on medium-range missiles, the US detachment in the  development of the Middle East drama, the unexpected rapprochement of  Russia and Turkey on Syria, the impressive Russia-Africa forum is far  from complete a list of convincing signs of the formation of a new  multipolar world order. The current situation requires deep  understanding and a well-defined foreign policy that can neutralize  new challenges and threats for Armenia and Karabakh. Chiva reality of  world politics, to be reckoned with all "- says Kocharyan.

 At the  same time, the second president of Armenia is convinced that this  reality already directly affects security in our region. According to  him, total A few years ago, the United States and the European Union  were the main allies and simultaneously constraining factors for  Turkey. "However, the shouts of Washington and Brussels had zero  effect on Turkey when troops were sent to Syria. A warning letter  from US President Donald Trump to Recep Tayyip Erdogan was in the  trash bin of the Turkish leader. Only the Russian presence in Syria  had sufficient potential to stop the Turks. Today is the only  deterrent Turkey remains a factor in the region, Russia. The actual  role of the countries of the region in regional affairs has become  decisive, "the second president of Armenia said.  It is also clear,  Kocharyan continued, that in recent years relations between Turkey  and Azerbaijan have further strengthened, and have become  cornerstones in the context of the revived pan-Turkist aspirations,  which pose a direct threat to Armenia and Karabakh.

According to him,  the recent statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev about  claims to Zangezur at the summit of Turkic peoples in Baku was by no  means accidental. Kocharyan believes that this is a step towards the  actualization of the forgotten idea of geographical continuity of the  settlement of Turkic peoples.  "In this situation, cooperation with  Russia in the security sphere becomes even more important and obvious  lack of alternative. Only irresponsible or recruited politicians can  insist today on the withdrawal of the Russian base from the country.  The tragedy with the Kurds in the north of Syria should be a clear  lesson from the consequences of political myopia" - said the second  president, while wondering if the Armenian authorities really realize  the complexity of the processes and the threats emanating from them ?   Are they able to find effective ways to neutralize these threats, or  at least minimize them? There are no signs of such an understanding,  and the reasons for this are much deeper than simply a  misunderstanding of geopolitics and a one-dimensional worldview. They  are partly hidden in the new political reality for the country, "  Kocharyan assured. Touching on the political landscape in Armenia,  the second president of Armenia assured that, with the exception of a  pair of technocrat ministers without political subjectivity, the  government and the core of the parliamentary majority are made up of  people fed by American grants .

 "Media support to the authorities is  provided exclusively by pro-Western media, at the forefront of which  is Radio Liberty (Azatutyun). All pro-government parties, politicians  and non-governmental organizations have a clearly expressed  anti-Russian orientation and, as a rule, are supported by Western  funding. They actively support the prime minister. Minister Nikol  Pashinyan and a party with a terrorist reputation, aggressively  advocating for the immediate withdrawal of the Russian military base  from Armenia (meaning the Sasna Tsrer party, founded by the  participants of the same name armament of the group, which in the  summer of 2016 captured the regiment of the patrol and police forces  in Yerevan.  - Ed.). In fact, the entire politically active base of  support for the prime minister is openly pro-Western.  And this is  despite the authorities continuing the country's foreign policy and  constant reverence for Russia, "the former head of Armenia said.  On  the other hand, according to Kocharyan, parties and politicians  focused on full cooperation with Russia do not support the current  government and absolutely do not trust it.

At the same time, he  believes that everyone believes that the pro-Western political views  of the authorities, faced with dependence on Russian energy sources  and the market, are being transformed into mercantile pragmatism.  "The picture is really paradoxical, and how long the" geopolitical  split "of the ruling elite will last depends on opportunistic  circumstances. The entire resource of external trust in the  government is spent on clumsy explanations of maneuvers masking the  conflict between beliefs and practical actions. As a result, Armenia  lives without conceptual development programs in a regime of one-day  worries, empty slogans and smeared foreign policy landmarks, " -  concluded Kocharyan.  Recall that the second president of Armenia is  accused of overthrowing the constitutional order in the framework of  the criminal case on the dispersal of protests on March 1, 2008. The  ex-president of Armenia was arrested twice in 2018. And on June 25 of  this year he was arrested for the third time. The court of general  jurisdiction of Yerevan, at a meeting on November 7, decided to leave  Kocharian under arrest, rejecting the defense's motion to apply the  bail as an alternative preventive measure. 

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