Thursday, November 7 2019 14:22
Alexandr Avanesov

300 graduates of orphanages will be provided with apartments in  Armenia

 300 graduates of orphanages will be provided with apartments in  Armenia

ArmInfo.300 graduates of orphanages will be provided with apartments in Armenia. The decision was made at a government meeting on November 7.7.

Presenting the draft decision,  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs  of the Republic of Armenia Zaruhi Batoyan noted that 1.9 billion  drams will be allocated from the funds saved by the Ministry to solve  the task. Each beneficiary of the program will be provided with a  housing certificate in the amount of 6.3 million drams. The Minister  emphasized that so far the state has not fulfilled its obligations  with regard to 218 graduates who, after 18 years of age, completed  their stay in orphanages. To this number will be added another 85  people who are just completing their stay in these institutions. Now  the state intends to solve their housing issues. When purchasing  housing outside Yerevan, graduates of orphanages will be able to take  advantage of additional benefits, including through involvement in  various employment programs. The right to receive housing  certificates will be given to pupils of houses that do not have  houses or apartments, and who have not sold them over the past five  years.

The state will also deal with the problems of children with  disabilities who have reached the age of 18 and who live in various  specialized institutions. Previously, this category of citizens was  not even involved in the lists of persons for housing. By the  decision of the government, they will now be able to live  independently in small community houses and social apartments. In  total, the department intends to purchase 5 houses and 5 apartments  for 60 people for these purposes. 

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