Thursday, November 7 2019 12:16
Karina Manukyan

Robert Kocharian will remain in custody: the court rejected the  lawyer`s request

Robert Kocharian will remain in custody: the court rejected the  lawyer`s request

ArmInfo.On November 7, the court rejected the petition of the lawyers to change the preventive measure against the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharian from  arrest to bail.

Robert Kocharian is being accused in the March 1, 2008 case.

On May 18, the court of general jurisdiction of Yerevan decided to  change the preventive measure against Robert Kocharian from arrest to  release on bail. On June 25, the Criminal Court of Appeal decided to  reverse the decision of the trial court. On September 25, the Court  of Cassation rejected the request of Kocharian's lawyers to annul the  decision of the Court of Appeal.

Recall that the Constitutional Court of Armenia appealed to the ECHR  to provide an advisory opinion regarding compliance with the  Constitution of the Republic of Armenia with Article 300.1 of the  Criminal Code of the Republic of Armenia. Under this article  (Overthrow of the constitutional order), Robert Kocharian is charged.  The ECHR accepted the appeal of the Constitutional Court on October  2, and the Grand Chamber of the ECHR was formed on October 7.

The National Assembly and Kocharian have the right to submit written  comments by November 19 of this year. Other interested parties, with  the exception of the parties to the internal proceedings, who wish to  submit written comments on this issue, must request appropriate  permission before November 12, and send their comments no later than  December 4 of the current year. Earlier it was reported that  Kocharyan had already received a statement from the ECHR. 

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