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Prosecutor of Shirak region applied to Minister of Healthcare of RA  to identify circumstances during investigation of murder in  Basen  village 

Prosecutor of Shirak region applied to Minister of Healthcare of RA  to identify circumstances during investigation of murder in  Basen  village 

ArmInfo.The Prosecutor of the  Shirak region filed a petition to Minister of Healthcare of the  Republic of Armenia Arsen Torosyan to eliminate the shortcomings in  the work of Akhuryan Medical Center CJSC of the Shirak region that  were identified during the investigation of the murder and suicide in  the village of Basen.

According to the investigation, it turned out that a resident of the  village of Basen, Albert Kandalyan, at 05:00 hours on May 24, 2019,  with the intention of killing the neighboring residents, Susanna  Kadalyan and her son Vahagn Kandalyan, went into the stable, where  Susanna milked the cow, and inflicted a lot of it stab wounds in the  back and neck. From the received knife wounds the woman died.

Then he entered the house where Vahagn's nephew slept and stabbed  him. However, meeting resistance, A.  Kandalyan did not finish the  crime, ran away home and hanged himself there.

According to the appointed post-mortem outpatient forensic  psychiatric examination of Albert Kandalyan, the latter was  registered in the psychiatric office of the Akhuryan Medical Center  with a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia from  June 27, 2009.

During his last visits to the psychiatrist, he expressed delusional  thoughts about the persecution, complained of insomnia, which could  be considered signs of an exacerbation of mental illness.

Albert Kandalyan repeatedly expressed delusional thoughts about his  sister Susanna Kandalyan, believing that she could harm or kill  children and other family members.

Given this circumstance, the expert commission concluded that Albert  Kandalyan at the time of the commission of the act incriminated to  him was in an insane state. According to preliminary conclusions,  there is no evidence that anyone could have brought Kandalyan to  suicide.

In this regard, it was decided to terminate part of the case on the  possibility of committing suicide.  However, the preliminary  investigation established that after registering with the psychiatric  office of the Medical Center, Albert Kandalyan received appropriate  medications before May 11, 2019. He himself did not come to the  doctor, especially recently, his wife came for them. The doctor  himself did not visit the patient.  From 2013 to May 11, 2019, the  psychiatrist recorded the same pathological conditions in Albert  Kandalyan, he received the same medications. However, not only was  there no improvement, but, on the contrary, a deterioration occurred.  That did not receive due attention from the psychiatrist who  supervises and treats Albert Kandalyan. The psychiatrist did not  personally accept the patient, did not organize home visits. Given  these circumstances, the Shirak region prosecutor Karen Gabrielyan  filed a petition to the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of  Armenia Arsen Torosyan. He suggested taking measures to eliminate  shortcomings in the work of Akhuryan Medical Center CJSC in the  Shirak region, to eliminate their causes, to hold accountable the  employees who made omissions in their work, to exclude further such  phenomena by the employees of the psychiatric office of the said  medical center and to strengthen control over the rendered them  medical help.

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