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GeoProMining company continues to assist in the development of sports in Armenia

GeoProMining company continues to assist in the development of sports in Armenia

ArmInfo.GeoProMining - a diversified international group of mining companies continues to support the implementation of various sports programs in Armenia.


Attaching great importance to the development of sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among young people, the Company finances the construction of a youth sports school in Yerevan. The school is designed for training and sports for 500 people and is intended to educate young people in the spirit of traditional Armenian values, to develop patriotism and an unbending national spirit, and to prepare a worthy young generation.  

In addition, the Company is the general sponsor of the Mas-Wrestling Federation in Armenia (a national sport of Yakutia, introduced in 2003 in the All-Russian Register of Sports). Every year, the company finances the Mas-Wrestling Championship, which takes place in Armenia.


The company also finances the participation of the mass-wrestling team in the European Championships, and in the Mas-Wrestling World Cup. So this year, with the financial support of GeoProMining, a team of 18 athletes will take part in the Mas-Wrestling World Cup Championship in Poland.

GeoProMining also sponsored participation of national sports teams of the towns of Vardenis and Ararat (regions where the company has assets) in the Pan-Armenian Olympic Games, which took place in the summer of 2019 in Artsakh.


GPM Gold has formed two football teams, divided by territorial principle - the team of the Sotk mine and the team of the Ararat gold recovery plant. The best players will form the national team of the company, which will participate in friendly games with the teams of other  Russian companies operating in Armenia. The first meeting is planned with the “RusAl Armenal” national team.


Currently, the Company is working on a project to construct multifunctional sports fields for volleyball, basketball and tennis in the communities of its presence. “Throughout the Company's activities in Armenia, the implementation of children's and youth sports projects has been in the focus of our attention. Sports and cultural educational programs for the younger generation aimed at organizing leisure and healthy lifestyles are an important part of the Company's social policy. We systematically approach the issue of solving this series of problems contributing to the development of resources and related infrastructure in the cities of our presence. These are the renovation of gyms in kindergartens and schools, the construction of sport playgrounds, and also swimming pools․ Аll we mentioned above is our modest contribution to the effective future of the younger generation,”-said the President of GeoProMining Roman Khudoliy.


The "Armenian" asset portfolio of the diversified international group of mining companies “GeoProMining” includes the companies “GPM Gold” and the “Agarak Copper-Molybdenum Combine” (Agarak CMC). In general, over 12 years of work in Armenia, “GeoProMining” investments exceeded $ 505 million. The company's social investments in the Republic of Armenia over the past 10 years amounted to $ 8.5 million. Armenian assets of “GeoProMining” employ about 2,500 people. 



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