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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenian Foreign Minister to Azerbaijani MP: Maximalism will never  lead us to peace

Armenian Foreign Minister to Azerbaijani MP: Maximalism will never  lead us to peace

ArmInfo. Maximalism will never lead us to peace. On November 6, during a lecture at the Stockholm Institute of International Relations on the topic  "Conversation with the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Ukraine,"  Armenian Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan said in response to the  remarks of the Azerbaijani deputy whether Armenia and Azerbaijan are  ready to go to international arbitration to study "the military and  other crimes committed by the Armenians. "

"Have you ever heard of Baku, Sumgait, Maraga ( massacres, Ed. note),  the occupation of the Shaumyan region? Have you heard of the  occupation of part of the Martakert region, part of the Martuni  district? Do I want to continue? It's about that. Are you ready to  reduce rhetoric "Are you ready to understand our concern? Are you  ready to get involved in such a dialogue? Or is there only your  truth, there is no other!  The solution must be just what you want,  otherwise there is no solution. Maximalism will never lead us to  peace. This is what lies in my thesis about the need to prepare  peoples for to the world. You spoke about the problems concerning us.  Do not make yourself saints, "Mnatsakanyan reacted to the statements  of the Azerbaijani MP.

At the same time, he once again emphasized the existence of a  security issue, the existence of a single security organization that  does not allow the resumption of aggression and occupation.  "Aggression, occupation, and a threat to the physical and existential  security of our 150,000 compatriots. These are people who have names,  families, homes, concerns about physical security, and there is no  other security organization besides what we have today "The  negotiations are precisely around how to reach a point that will not  meet the maximalist requirements of one side at the expense of the  other," the Armenian minister said.

Meanwhile, the remark of the Azerbaijani MP on how to talk about  peace when the Prime Minister of Armenia says "Artsakh is Armenia and  that's final " and what it can be, the head of the Armenian Foreign  Ministry referred to the words of the Belarusian MP regarding the  beneficiary parties. " You are right, it is Armenia, Azerbaijan and  Artsakh that must take responsibility and find a way out of the  Karabakh conflict.  This also applies to the question that Mr.  Bakhtiar asked. The message of the Prime Minister of Armenia that the  settlement should be acceptable to the peoples of Armenia, Azerbaijan  and Artsakh are mutually reciprocal, a message that reflects an  important prerequisite for a settlement, that is, the ability of the  parties to take into account the concerns of the other side and  commit themselves to reflect the concerns of each side. This is the  logic of a peaceful settlement, which should be acceptable for the  people of Armenia, the people of Artsakh and the people of  Azerbaijan, "Mnatsakanyan said.

At the same time, he again recalled the presence of some proposals,  ideas aimed at depoliticizing contacts between people. He also  expressed the conviction that the parties do not need the politicized  dialogue that is present today. "There are some very good ideas, and  there is mutual understanding, which I spoke about in a conversation  with my colleague, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan,  namely, that we must move so carefully that we can save what we are  trying to do now, support that a platform where some positive  experience can be formed on the basis of which we can take further  steps. I gave an example of journalists. We can form a new story  about a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in the  region, " Mnatsakanyan said.

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