Monday, November 4 2019 13:36
Asya Balayan

Armenian IC investigates  circumstances of  armed incident on   Sevan-Martuni highway

Armenian IC investigates  circumstances of  armed incident on   Sevan-Martuni highway

ArmInfo. The Investigative  Committee of Armenia is investigating the circumstances of the armed  incident on the Sevan-Martuni highway.

According to the press service of the RA IC, a criminal case has been  opened on the facts under the articles "Murder committed in a way  dangerous to the lives of many people" and RA Criminal Code.

The ministry reminded that on November 2 at about 09:30 a call was  received from the medical center of the city of Gavar that a resident  of the Gegharkunik region Gurgen Hakobyan (born in 1979), who died in  the hospital without regaining consciousness, was delivered with a  gunshot wound. "According to preliminary data, on November 2, at  about 09:17, on the 39 km of the Sevan-Martuni highway, with the  intention of killing Gurgen Hakobyan and in a life-threatening way,  fire was opened on an ''UAZ'' car driven by Hakobyan. As a result, he  received numerous gunshot wounds incompatible with life, and another  person who was in the car at that moment (born in 1962) received  bodily injuries, " the IC of Armenia was informed that at the scene  of the incident during investigative measures, about 30 gunshot  injuries were found on the car, and 21 shells on the side of the  road.

In fact, forensic medical, forensic-chemical, forensic-biological,  forensic-traological, forensic-ballistic examinations have been  appointed. The investigation continues. The necessary measures are  being taken to ensure a comprehensive, objective and complete  investigation of all the circumstances of the incident, and to  establish the identity of the alleged offender (s). 

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