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Karina Manukyan

Andrea Wiktorin: The youth unemployment rate in Armenia causes  concern

Andrea Wiktorin: The youth unemployment rate in Armenia causes  concern

ArmInfo. The youth unemployment rate in Armenia is worrying.  EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin stated this on October 29, presenting a program to promote  the development of  intermediate vocational education (IVE).

Wiktorin noted that the EU and the Armenian government are  cooperating in creating new opportunities for young people and  enhancing their involvement in the social life of the country.  According to her, one of the challenges for the republic is youth  unemployment, the reason for which lies, inter alia, in the mismatch  of professional skills with the needs of the labor market.

Thus, the desire to get a higher education does not guarantee the  student the opportunity to get a job in the future.

Pointing out that this negatively affects the economy, Wiktorin  emphasized that a similar situation is observed in other countries of  the world. Among the ways to change the situation are improving the  quality of education and bringing it in line with the needs of the  labor market, as well as involving the business sector in the  educational sector.

Wiktorin informed that in September this year, with the assistance of  the EU and the "Agency for Strategic Development" NGO a program was  launched in Armenia to promote the development of  intermediate  vocational education (IVE). As part of it, a new training model will  be introduced in the agricultural colleges of Goris and Stepanavan in  two specializations - cattle breeding, technology of milk and dairy  products. This model is based on the close interaction of business  education, using a learning mechanism based on the work process.

The program will end in April 2021, and, as Wiktorin expressed hope,  its model can later find application in other educational  institutions of intermediate vocational education.

For his part, RA Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports  Arayik Harutyunyan noted that in recent years there has been an  increase in interest in intermediate vocational education in the  country. In addition, with the assistance of donor organizations, in  educational institutions of intermediate vocational education, repair  and technical re-equipment are being carried out in stages. According  to him, studies of the needs of the labor market in the short and  long term are being carried out, as well as steps are being taken to  involve the business sector in the educational sector.

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