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French chansonnier Charles Aznavour will dedicate a concert in  Lipetsk

French chansonnier Charles Aznavour will dedicate a concert in  Lipetsk

ArmInfo.A concert offering to Charles Aznavour, a famous French chansonnier, composer, poet, writer and actor of Armenian descent, will be held on October 24 at the  Lipetsk Music House, local media reported.

In the name of the program - <Charles. Shakhnur. Tribute> - appears,  including the Armenian name of a famous musician. And the word  "tribute" in English means "offering, tribute to memory".

The program includes: The LID project of the Lipetsk House of Music,  the string group of the Lipetsk Symphony Orchestra, theater and film  actors Polina Pakhomova and Sergey Kotyukh, Moscow, who will show a  fragment of the performance about Edith Piaf "Under the Sky of  Paris>; vocalists Philip Vartan Melkidedek, laureate of international  competitions Irina Popova, soloist of the Belgorod State Philharmonic  Society Karen Virabyan (duduk).

Within the framework of the project, in the format <French courtyard>  will be presented 11 works by a member of the Union of Artists of the  Russian Federation Vyacheslav Kanishchev. The exhibition is called  <Road to Paris>.

"This year Charles Aznavour would have turned 95 years old," said  Igor Vereshchagin, the author of the idea and the leader of the LID  project. - Several cultures joined in this wonderful artist, the  Armenian roots and French charm merged together: - We will show all  this to the audience in a dynamic and vibrant concert>.

Chansonnier died on October 1, 2018 in Mouries at the 95th year of  his life. A farewell ceremony with the presidents of France and  Armenia was held on October 5 at the House of Disabled in Paris, the  funeral was held in the Armenian Church of St. John. He was buried in  a family crypt in the French commune of Montfort-l'Amoury in a suburb  of Paris.

Charles Aznavour (real name Shahnur Vaginak Aznavuryan) was born on  May 22, 1924 in Paris, his parents are Armenian emigrants. Charles  studied at the children's art school, and later at the TSF Central  School (Paris). At the age of nine, Charles performed on stage, sang  and played, at the age of twelve he first appeared in films.  Initially, Aznavour performed in a duet with composer Pierre Roche.  After being noticed by Edith Piaf, Aznavour and Roche took part in  her tour of France and the United States in 1946.From this time,  Charles began his professional career as a chansonnier.

For a long time he was unrequitedly in love with Piaf, she was his  friend, his muse and love. In the early 1960s, Aznavour was already  quite popular, he gave concerts in New York halls, and later released  his first American album at the Frank Sinatra company. During his  creative career, Aznavour created more than a thousand songs, many of  which were sung with pleasure by such world-famous performers as Ray  Charles, Lisa Minelli, Bob Dylan, Julio Iglesias. Aznavour performed  in a duet with F. Sinatra, S. Dion, L.  Pavarotti, P. Domingo,  P.  Kaas, L. Minnelli, E. Segara and other famous artists. According to a  survey conducted by Time and CNN, Charles Aznavour was the best  performer of pop songs of the 20th century.  On August 24, 2017,  Aznavour received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the  category "Best Live Performance". His star became the 2618th and is  located next to the Pantages Theater, where in October 2016, Aznavour  gave a concert. 

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