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Asya Balayan

The Ministry of Social Development makes a proposal on cooperation to  private companies to help needy families whose children receive care  in boarding houses

The Ministry of Social Development makes a proposal on cooperation to  private companies to help needy families whose children receive care  in boarding houses

ArmInfo. About 92% of children receiving care in boarding schools are in these institutions because of poverty in families. The head of the ministry Zaruhi Batoyan  stated this on the eve of the discussions in the Ministry of Labor  and Social Affairs of Armenia, stressing that the realization of the  child's right to live in the family is one of the ministry's  priorities.

It should be noted that in Armenia there are 6 state orphanages and  four boarding schools. In orphanages, 630 children receive care, 70%  of whom have disabilities. Four boarding schools receive 260  children.  According to the press service of the department, at the  invitation of the minister, representatives of large banks and  construction companies operating in Armenia participated in the  discussions. At the meeting, the program <Platform for Social  Responsibility for the Reunification and Strengthening of the Status  of Families> and a discussion of possible cooperation were presented.

Zaruhi Batoyan noted that in the field of protecting the rights of  children, reforms are being implemented aimed at ensuring the right  of the child to live and be raised in the family. It is envisaged to  solve this problem through the development of alternative forms of  childcare and the deinstitutionalization of round- the-clock  childcare facilities, including by ensuring this right for children  with disabilities to live in a family environment.

<Taking into account the priority right of the child to live in the  family, as well as excluding the possibility of receiving child care  due to social problems, the ministry directs all opportunities to  help families, while urging partner organizations to join and jointly  solve the problems facing families, "said Batoyan.  In turn, Deputy  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zhanna Andreasyan presented to  the meeting participants the results of the needs assessment  implemented by partner organizations.

Andreasyan also said that the Ministry, together with partner  organizations, carried out an in-depth assessment of the needs of  children and their families receiving care in boarding schools.   <Based on the results of the assessment, further plans were drawn up  to support each child and family, according to which it is planned to  strengthen families and create all favorable conditions for the full  organization of child care in the family. The planned support is  carried out according to the principle of participation, getting  involved in the sphere of various stakeholders.

Today, out of 260 children receiving care in institutions, 106  returned to the family, and the rest are waiting for support to be  able to and a place to return, because there are families in which  case the child has nowhere to return>, Andreasyan said.

At the end of the discussion, Batoyan expressed the hope that the  program will find supporters in the private sector not only in terms  of changing the lives of children, but will also become an example of  social responsibility for other companies.

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