Tuesday, October 22 2019 15:06
Karina Manukyan

None of them does a stroke of work: Tsarukyan criticized Nikol  Pashinyan`s personnel

None of them does a stroke of work: Tsarukyan criticized Nikol  Pashinyan`s personnel

ArmInfo. Head of the Prosperous Armenia Party Gagik Tsarukyan criticized the leading personnel of the new government formed after the Velvet Revolution.

In an interview with reporters on October 22, the politician  complained that the legislative initiatives of the opposition forces  were not being given due attention. So, according to him, the  introduction of the concept of " one contact " would greatly  facilitate the lives of investors, freeing them from the need to  visit 20 different institutions to resolve one issue. However, this  initiative received no response and was delayed.  Tsarukyan urged the  authorities to think seriously about the reasons for the decline in  investment. <People thought - a revolution will happen, and Armenians  all over the world will begin to come to Armenia and invest. But  first you need to understand what is needed for this. There should be  a full-fledged law, not empty words, it is necessary to create  appropriate conditions and provide benefits, and not to exempt one or  another from paying taxes on acquaintance. In these ways, the economy  cannot develop. But for them (Tsarukyan means the current authorities  - Ed. note) everything is acceptable, all of them are talented  experts. But they have no any talents; none of them does a stroke of  work. Who yesterday walked next to the Prime Minister of the Republic  of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, today received a position. So it's  impossible to build a country. The Prime Minister must make personnel  decisions based on the experience of a person in a particular field.  Acquaintances and family ties, as well as party affiliation, should  not matter. There can be no economic revolution with such an  approach>, Tsarukyan stated, adding that his soul hurts from the  current situation.

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