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Former Deputy Head of RA NA Staff Detained for Official Forgery

Former Deputy Head of RA NA Staff Detained for Official Forgery

ArmInfo. A group of officials, in the process of resigning the powers of the former chairman of the Constitutional Court, Gagik Harutyunyan, guided by group interests, committed a documentary forgery, the press service of the Special Investigation  Service (SIS) said.  The report says that as a result of the  investigative actions, it was decided on suspicion of committing a  crime to detain citizen A. B, the former deputy head of the RA NA  apparatus (Arsen Babayan - Ed. note).

Taking into account the identification of a new crime, a criminal  case was initiated in the SIS on the first part of Article 314 of the  Criminal Code of Armenia, which was added to the resonant case of  usurpation of power related to the head of the Constitutional Court  Hrayr Tovmasyan.

To recall, the Special Investigative Service opened a criminal case  on the seizure of state power by a group of persons on the basis of a  statement by the independent MP of the National Assembly of Armenia  Arman Babajanyan. The case was brought under Article 300 of the RA  Criminal Code (seizure of power through violence or the threat of  violence, as well as the appropriation of the powers of the  president, chairman of the National Assembly, government or the  Constitutional Court by methods not provided for by the  Constitution). The statement of the lawmaker concerns the legality of  the chairmanship of the head of the Constitutional Court of Armenia  Hrayr Tovmasyan in this position. TheMP in his message to the  Prosecutor General's Office noted that Tovmasyan committed violations  of the law upon assuming this position in 2018. That is, Tovmasyan's  deputy powers were terminated without a corresponding statement, on  the basis of a nonexistent justification by the then NA President.  According to Babajanyan, parliamentary powers cannot be terminated on  non-existent grounds.

On October 17, SIS spokeswoman Marina Ohanjanyan told ArmInfo that  Special Investigation Service officers carried out investigative  actions in the Constitutional Court and the central office of the  former ruling RPA.

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