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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Lukashenko: We have not overcome the barriers that we had to overcome  by creating the EAEU

Lukashenko: We have not overcome the barriers that we had to overcome  by creating the EAEU

ArmInfo.The head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, notes that the Eurasian Economic Union has not yet been able to overcome many barriers to trade and economic cooperation between the countries. He stated this today at a meeting  at the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus, BelTA  informs.

"There are a lot of contradictions behind the scenes. We have not  overcome the barriers that we had to overcome by creating the EAEU.  We will not leave the EAEU. We will fight. We will not get anywhere  from this," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state at the meeting spoke in details about the  development of integration processes after the collapse of the Soviet  Union. He noted the great role of Russia both in the issue of  liquidation of the union, and in subsequent integration processes.  "The Soviet Union collapsed, and Russia understood that it was  impossible to do without national republics, and somehow they need to  be left so that they are near. So the process started: The Union  State is our joint project with Russia, then to the odds with this  because of a certain jealousy EurAsEC was initiated. I say: for God's  sake, the economic union is a cornerstone for us, we need to do  everything so that there is the basis of our relationship, "said  Alexander Lukashenko.

In this regard, he recalled the sometimes sounding proposals to  abandon the Russian vector, to turn to the West. "Listen, how can we  refuse? And where will we sell our goods? To the West? In the West,  the economy is the same as ours," the President said. "Would they  allow our products on their market? Never.  No one is expecting us in  fact. Therefore, these are just idle conversations. We proceeded from  this when forming the Eurasian Economic Community. "

Alexander Lukashenko stated that then, mainly from the side of  Russia, certain restrictive measures began to appear, for example, in  relation to Belarusian food products. "After all, the union was  formed on the basis of the freedom of movement of goods, capital,  labor, and so on. This is not happening today in any of the  directions. And you know where the brake comes from. And you probably  hear when I'm almost open at meetings, without diplomatic  formulations, I'm starting to name the perpetrators. Because it is  very important for us, "the head of state stressed.

There are difficulties in the area of military-technical cooperation,  despite the common regional grouping of troops with Russia in this  direction. "We slowly came to the conclusion that we ourselves can  create new types of weapons. And we need to buy some of the  components and assemblies. We were oriented towards Russian  production in the Soviet Union. They do not give us this. We have to  win back with battle.  Competitors ..." - explained Alexander  Lukashenko. That is why Belarus, for example, when creating new types  of weapons in rocket science, started to cooperate with China and is  now further developing this direction. There is interest in the  corresponding interaction on the part of Ukraine. 

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