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David Stepanyan

Forecast: Transformation of the situation around Syria into a direct  threat to Armenia is not excluded

Forecast: Transformation of the situation around Syria into a direct  threat to Armenia is not excluded

ArmInfo. Transformation at some point of the situation around Syria into a direct threat to Armenia is by no means excluded. A similar opinion was expressed by  ArmInfo Dean of YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies, Turkologist Ruben  Melkonyan.

"First of all, given the involvement of our unfriendly Turkish  neighbor, friendly Iranian neighbor and Russia's strategic ally in  the Syrian tangle. In other words, Armenia simply cannot be an  outside observer of this situation. Especially considering that all  these military operations are not so far from of our borders. In  general, Turkey's actions in Syria are a direct threat to the entire  region, including Armenia, "he stressed.  On October 17, US Vice  President Mike Pence, following talks with Turkish President Recep  Erdogan, announced an agreement on a ceasefire in Syria. "Turkey will  cease fire in order to allow the YPG forces to enter the security  zone within 120 hours. All military operations under the auspices of  the Source of Peace will be stopped immediately after the withdrawal  of the YPG forces," he said.

According to Pence, the parties, in particular, agreed that the  United States would facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish forces. At  the same time, the demarcation line, beyond which the Kurdish  formations will lead, will run approximately 30 kilometers south of  the Syrian border with Turkey. Washington received guarantees from  the Kurds about their organized departure from the border with  Turkey.

Another cause for concern for Yerevan, Melkonyan considers the  population of the territories periodically subjected to Turkish  claims by Armenians. In his opinion, despite the fact that the  Armenians are not represented in this territory in large numbers,  Armenia, as the birthplace of all Armenians, at least has moral  obligations towards the Syrian compatriots.

In this light, the Turkologist assesses the condemnation of Turkish  policy towards Syria from Yerevan as positive. According to him, the  statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia on the  situation in the northern regions of Syria could put some emphasis,  however, in general, this statement was consistent with the  situation.

The Turkish invasion of Syria has criticized almost all neighboring  countries, the European Union and the United States. The Armenian  Foreign Ministry described the Turkish military invasion of Syria as  creating an immediate danger of massive human rights violations based  on identity. "

"In any case, the steps that are currently being taken publicly and  non-publicly in Yerevan demonstrate that Armenia does not limit its  own concern about the Turkish invasion of Syria to statements. We  hope that these steps will succeed, and we can provide concrete  assistance to our compatriots," Melkonyan summed up.  On October 9,  the Turkish army invaded the northern regions of neighboring Syria.  Turkish President Recep Erdogan described such actions as the "Source  of Peace" operation directed against the PKK and IS.  The purpose of  the operation, he said, is to ensure the security of the southern  border of Turkey from terrorists, protect the territorial integrity  of Syria and return the Syrians, "which Turkey cannot contain  infinitely".

On the same day, Turkish aircraft attacked the city of Ras Al Ain and  several other Syrian cities on the border of the two countries. Later  it was announced the start of the ground part of the operation. On  Saturday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense reported that the Turkish  military and the Syrian armed opposition took control of Ras al-Ain,  and on Sunday it was announced that they would take control of the  city of Tel Abyad .

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