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Ani Mshetsyan

Andranik Kocharyan states Armenian Second President`s Defense  deliberately delays lawsuit

Andranik Kocharyan states Armenian Second President`s Defense  deliberately delays lawsuit

ArmInfo.Second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan and his lawyers constantly deliberately delay court hearings. This was stated on October 17 by the head of  the parliamentary commission on defense and security, MP from the My  Step bloc Andranik Kocharyan.

The MP suggested that Kocharyan's defense is possible, which has some  expectations that are interconnected with the crisis of the  Constitutional Court. The head of the commission also noted that he  did not understand the talkativeness of the second president of  Armenia, and his conviction that returning to politics lay through  the courtroom.

The MP also stated that if the charges brought against the second  president of Armenia were not serious, the latter would not "go to  hospitals" all the time. (Robert Kocharyan recently underwent surgery  at the Izmirlyan Medical Center - Ed. note).

"The problems identified by Robert Kocharyan inherent in many men  after 50 years old are not a big deal.  According to the medical  report, the rehabilitation process of the second president will be  over in a few days. However, the hearing on the case of the latter  has been postponed for a rather impressive period. And I'm completely  unclear, why the process is dragging on so much, "Andranik Kocharyan  emphasized.

The parliamentarian also noted that it is extremely important to  ensure the safety of witnesses in the case of March 1, 2008. He also  hinted that the death of former Chief of the Police Hayk Harutyunyan  was not accidental, and this case proves the urgent need to take  measures to ensure the safety of all witnesses.

It should be noted that First President of Artsakh, Second President  of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, is accused of overthrowing the  Constitutional system in the framework of the events of March 1,  2008. On October 15, the next meeting was to be held on the case,  however, due to Kocharyan's absence, due to the postponed operation,  the meeting was postponed until November 5. 


Не исключаю, что у Нелли может настать прозрение, и она не станет столь ревностно причислять себя к сторонникам Р.Кочаряна. Не маловажно то, чем закончится предстоящий суд. От себя, не скрывая, добавлю, что я остаюсь сторонником Первого президента. Он не сидел сложа руки. Я стал свидетелем того, с какими усилиями преодолевались последствия голодных и холодных, будучи в Ереване в 1997-м году. Несомненно, договорившись с Азербайджаном, ему и Армении бы удалось сделать намного больше, чем Р.Кочарян, после того, как в 1998-м году, избегая кровопролития в Армении он обљявил о своей отставке.
Сколько идиотов в стране и тех, кому выгоден народный идиотизм! Опомнитесь! Где вы, те, кто хорошо помнит, что было со страной в страшные девяностые до прихода Кочаряна, те, кто помнит , что творила бесчинствующая толпа, возглавляемая Пашиняном! Почему вы молчите Армению ведут к уничтожению! Подайте голос, остановите предателей и дезертиров!

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