Wednesday, October 16 2019 20:54
Alina Hovhannisyan

Converse Bank launched contact-free Visa Pay Stickers and will offer  Mini FOBs soon

Converse Bank launched contact-free Visa Pay Stickers and will offer  Mini FOBs soon

ArmInfo. Converse Bank expands the options of non-cash payments and comes up with another interesting offer.

As the press service of the bank told ArmInfo, in particular, the  Bank offers its customers to use Visa Pay Stickers in addition to  payment cards. These are VISA CLASSIC-type contact-free card stickers  attached to the main card, which can be labeled to phones or other  accessories and used for contact-free purchases / payments, as well  as cash withdrawals. For transactions or purchases with Visa Pay  Sticker in the amount of up to AMD 10,000 / equivalent in foreign  currency, no PIN code is required.

Multiple Visa Pay Stickers can be attached to one payment card. The  stickers may be obtained at the Bank branches, and soon will be also  available online via the Bank's web page.

Converse Bank will soon come up with another unprecedented offer, by  providing Mini FOBs to its clients. A Mini FOB is a small  contact-free card of VISA CLASSIC type attached to the main card, and  it will be provided by the Bank together with its accessories. The  application is the same as in case with the stickers.

Both the stickers and the Mini FOB can be used in Armenia as well as  abroad. They can be blocked in case of loss.

According to the analytical review "Armenian Banks in the Card  Business" No. 19, prepared by IC ArmInfo, Converse Bank is included  in TOP-5 both in the total number of active cards and in the number  of Visa and MasterCard. By April 1, 2019, the bank increased the  total number of active cards by 5.3% to 217.2 thousand. In the total  number of active cards of the bank, Visa accounts for 33.8% (73.4  thousand units, with an annual growth of 28.3%), and MasterCard - 13%  (28.1 thousand units, with annual growth of 21.3%). Converse Bank  retains superiority in the volume of plastic transactions - 320.4  billion drams for 2018. Converse Bank is included in TOP-5 in terms  of the volume of Internet transactions - AMD 19.3 billion with an  increase of 40% in 2018. As of April 1, 2019, the Bank has 124 ATMs  and 1219 own POS- terminals. Converse Bank issues and maintains Visa  and MasterCard along with local ArCa cards.

To recall, Converse Bank has been operating in the Armenian market  since September 1996. The shareholders of the Bank are Advanced  Global Investments LLc (led by Eduardo Eurnekian) - 80.94%, HayPost  Trust Management B.V. - 14.06%; Cathedral of the Mother See of  Etchmiadzin - 5%. As of July 1, 2019, the Bank's branch network has  36 branches, of which 16 are located in Yerevan, 19 in the regions of  Armenia and 1 in the Republic of Artsakh.

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