Wednesday, October 16 2019 16:51
Naira Badalian

Only five of  nine honored artists  of Armenia who received  notifications from SRC declared their income

Only five of  nine honored artists  of Armenia who received  notifications from SRC declared their income

ArmInfo. The Tax and Customs  Committee of Armenia has opened a criminal case against the honored  art worker for tax evasion. Head of the SRC of Armenia David Ananyan  told reporters on October 16 at a press conference.

So, according to Ananyan, five out of nine honored artists who  received notifications from the State Revenue Committee outlining  specific facts regarding events with their participation, and  undeclared income, did so in the end. Nevertheless, a criminal case  had to be brought up against one person, a preliminary calculation  was carried out against the second and, most likely, proceedings  would also be instituted. Two more are abroad, and promised to  declare their income upon return.

At the same time, David Ananyan is very optimistic and thinks that  very soon representatives of the show business will nevertheless heed  the calls of the SRC and will move to the "white" field.

To recall, head of the SRC of Armenia David Ananyan in September 2018  called on representatives of the cultural sector to pay taxes in good  faith. Already in December, the SRC noted that illegal  entrepreneurial activity leads to criminal liability. But, the  Armenian "cultural " representatives not only ignored the appeal of  the tax authorities, but some, in particular the "stars" of the local  show business, expressed their indignation in plain text. In this  situation, units of the State Revenue Committee implemented tax  control measures. It turned out that one of the representatives of  the Armenian show business in the period from 2017 to 2019. Having  received commercial income in the amount of about 384.6 million  drams, he did not register with the tax authority without paying a  tax of more than 21 million drams to the state budget.

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