Wednesday, October 16 2019 13:50
Marianna Mkrtchyan

The Champs Elysees spoke about the decisions taken at a meeting of  the Security Council of France on Syria convened by Macron

The Champs Elysees spoke about the decisions taken at a meeting of  the Security Council of France on Syria convened by Macron

ArmInfo.At the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, a closed meeting of the French Security Council took place late Sunday Sunday, the main topic of  which was the offensive organized by Turkey in northern Syria.

Thus, according to a message from the Champs Elysees, Macron during  his speech emphasized that the unilateral attack launched by Turkey  could lead to tragic humanitarian consequences, help the so-called  "Islamic State" restore power in the region and lead to long-term  destabilization in northeastern Syria.  "France completely condemns  this," the French leader emphasized.

Following a meeting of the Security Council of France, a number of  decisions were made, in particular:  official Paris will intensify  its diplomatic efforts in the fight against ISIS in close  coordination with its partners by the global coalition, the EU and  NATO within the framework of the UN Security Council to ensure the  immediate cessation of the Turkish offensive; in addition, measures  will be taken in a short time to ensure the safety of French military  and civilian personnel who are in the area as part of the  international coalition against ISIS or are involved in humanitarian  efforts; a humanitarian emergency response program will be  implemented to meet the needs of people in northeast Syria. "The  absolute priority should be to prevent the resurgence of ISIS in the  region. The risk of the escape of ISIS prisoners from prisons due to  the Turkish offensive is taken into account. In this context,  measures have also been taken to strengthen security in the national  territory," the Elysee Palace reported in part decisions taken during  the meeting.  October 9, Turkey announced the operation in the north  of Syria, the operation "Source of Peace", which began with air  strikes by the Air Force on the positions of Kurdish forces.  According to the Turkish side, the purpose of the operation is to  create a buffer zone there, which should become a protective belt for  the Turkish border. According to Ankara's plan, Syrian refugees will  be able to return from Turkey.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel and  French President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey to end its  offensive in Syria. US President Donald Trump signed a decree on  sanctions against Turkey due to the situation in Syria. The document,  as follows from a statement by the head of the State Department, Mike  Pompeo, is designed to put pressure on Ankara to force it to stop the  operation in the Arab Republic. The restrictions may affect people  and organizations whose actions "endanger civilians or lead to  further undermining peace, security and stability" in the region, a  Pompeo written statement said.  The Turkish invasion of Syria was  also condemned in Yerevan. The Armenian Foreign Ministry emphasized  the unacceptability of Turkey's military invasion of northeast Syria  and called on the international community to take efforts to curb  these actions by the Turkish authorities, which will further  destabilize the situation in the region.

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