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Alexandr Avanesov

Four persons charged in an incident at Hayeli Press Club

Four persons charged in an incident at Hayeli Press Club

ArmInfo.As a result of the investigative and procedural steps taken in the criminal case being investigated in the investigative department of the Kentron and Nork-  Marash administrative districts of the RA Investigative Committee, a  number of circumstances have been identified that impede the  legitimate activities of the Hayeli club. Four are indicted.

According to information obtained during the investigation, a group  of people threw eggs at the walls of the Hayeli club, hanging up  posters and stating that they would not allow the hayeli.am news site  to work.  Based on the sufficient evidence obtained, four young  people were charged under the first part of Article 164 of the RA  Criminal Code. As a preventive measure against them, a recognizance  not to leave was chosen.

The preliminary investigation continues.

Earlier, the Investigative Committee reported that it was conducting  an investigation to establish the circumstances of the incident with  obstruction of the legitimate professional activities of the Hayeli  club.  October 5th on the Web. 

There was a video of an incident involving a group of young people  who threw eggs at the wall of the Hayeli Press Club and sealed with  posters. On this fact, a criminal case was instituted in the central  police department of Armenia under Part 1 of Article 164  ("Obstruction of the Journalist's Legal Professional Activities") of  the RA Criminal Code, the preliminary investigation of which was  entrusted to the Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts SK  RA.

In turn, the head of thehayeli  club, Angela Tovmasyan, said that the  perpetrators - David Hovhannisyan, Sarkis Manukyan, Artak Markaryan  and Hayk Stepanyan - are in close relations with representatives of  the current government and deputies from the ruling parliamentary  party My Step.

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