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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Yerevan: Azerbaijan wants to get Artsakh without its indigenous  population

Yerevan: Azerbaijan wants to get Artsakh without its indigenous  population

ArmInfo. The Spokeswoman for the Armenian Foreign Ministry criticized the President of Azerbaijan, who cited the village of Shikharkh (the former Armenian Maragha) as  an example of future development of Artsakh.

"I would like to touch on the statement of the President of  Azerbaijan made at the meeting with refugees, where he, in  particular, said that after the liberation of the territories they  will be rebuilt and ennobled, as Shikharkh had at one time. I would  like to recall that Shikharkh is a former settlement Nagorno-Karabakh  - Maragha with 5000 Armenian population. The entire population of  Maragha was completely slaughtered by the armed forces of Azerbaijan  in 1992, "Naghdalyan recalled, adding that this settlement continues  to remain under Azerbaijani on occupation.

According to her, today the Azerbaijani president worldwide claims  that this territory has been restored and completely populated by  Azerbaijanis. "It is noteworthy that the President of Azerbaijan  declares this in the context of the Azerbaijani approach to resolving  the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, presenting it as the best scenario and  vision for resolving the problem. It is this vision that is the best  evidence that Azerbaijan wants to get Artsakh without its indigenous  population. Encouraging the settlement of the conflict according to  the Maragha scenario exposes the real intentions of the AR  authorities - to prepare the population not for peace, but for  violence against each other, "the representative of the Armenian  Foreign Ministry noted, adding that this once again underlines the  approach of Armenia on the need to ensure physical, exinstitutional  security of the population of Artsakh.

She also emphasized that Armenia and the Armenian people will not  allow new barbarism and genocidal actions in Artsakh, pointing out  that the protection of the NKR is a matter of the pan-Armenian  agenda, as was reported by the Armenian authorities on Revival Square  in Stepanakert on August 5.

It should be noted that on October 9, Aliyev spoke about plans for  the development of Artsakh. "After the liberation of the occupied  territories, new towns and cities will be built on them. We will do  this, just like we built a beautiful town in the village of Shikharkh  (the Armenian village of Maragha, occupied by AR, Ed. note). On the  lands liberated as a result of the April War, a new village was built  - Jodjud Mardjanli, which is today the personification of the  unbending spirit, the will of the Azerbaijani people, "Aliyev summed  up. 


Все сказанное - точно, не в бровь, а в глаз. В дополнение хочется лишь добавить, что позванивание мешками с нефтедолларами, которыми наводнят Карабах после победы И. Алиева над непокорными - не самый оригинальный способ укрощения армян-карабахцев, если хотите - арцахцев. А на свою защиту армяне выбирали тех, кто смог в равной мере противопоставить себя своим смертельным врагам. И не принижайте, пожалуйста, армян своими денежками.
А Армения Армения хотела того же вл времена правления Левона, и сейчас того же желает! Оттого и народ Карабаха снова перестал доверять Армении.

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