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Ani Mshetsyan

Ara Papyan: The revolution in Armenia was incomplete, since Artsakh  was not involved in it

Ara Papyan: The revolution in Armenia was incomplete, since Artsakh  was not involved in it

ArmInfo. A year after the revolution, the situation in the country has not changed  significantly, we are still in a transitional period. This was  announced at a press conference on October 14 by the head of the  analytical center Modus Vivendi Ara Papyan.

He noted that, on the one hand, the legislative and executive powers  are now in the hands of the new government, on the other, there have  been no radical revolutionary changes in the country. According to  Papyan, first, the country's leadership declares that a criminal case  will be instituted against a person, and at the same time this  process begins in a few months, this person is given the opportunity  to prepare, which is wrong. "Recently, representatives of the  previous government have become very active. These people have  something to lose, because in addition to power this is also an issue  business that they have acquired by dishonest work. And these  anti-revolutionary forces are strong not only in Armenia, but also in  Artsakh," the expert stressed.

According to Papyan, the main mistake of Prime Minister Nikol  Pashinyan was that the revolution took place only in Armenia. "The  fact is that Artsakh is also part of Armenia, but there was no  revolution there, that is, the" velvet revolution "was incomplete.  You can't carry out a revolution in only one part of the country. If  in Armenia you call to reject Serzh, then why are you keeping "other  Serzhes" in Artsakh. And, despite the fact that Artsakh is an  independent state, a power must be formed there that must closely  cooperate with the leadership of the Republic of Armenia, because it  has always been so," he emphasized.

The expert noted that it was Yerevan that always dictated to  Stepanakert how to behave. According to Papyan, this is quite  logical, since Armenia has always helped and supported Artsakh in  various fields.  "However, since the revolution was incomplete, the  NKR became an instrument in the hands of foreign political forces, in  particular, in the hands of Russia, and they are trying to use  Artsakh against Armenia.  Unfortunately, the NKR leadership accepted  these rules of the game and the situation is heating up. In an  extremely tense situation Armenians of Artsakh may have doubts that  their security is fully ensured. After that, the search for a new  guarantor of security will begin, "the expert said, stressing that  the opinion of many people that Russia will be the guarantor of the  security of Armenia or NKR is wrong.

"If Moscow, as a result of applying this policy manages to tear  Artsakh away from Armenia, they will not guarantee their security. It  will be a kind of payment for improving relations with Turkey and  Azerbaijan.  Since now Moscow activates its relations with Ankara,"  Papyan noted.

According to the latter, the only way to overcome this crisis is to  carry out a revolution in Artsakh.  "Moreover, I believe that Artsakh  should" de jure "and" de facto "become the region of Armenia, as this  is a logical development of the situation," Papyan concluded. 

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