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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Konstantin Zatulin: Settlement of the Karabakh conflict is a priority  for Russia

Konstantin Zatulin: Settlement of the Karabakh conflict is a priority  for Russia

ArmInfo. The people of Artsakh demonstrate tremendous achievements in peaceful life.on October 11 in Stepanakert at the "Cooperation for Justice and Peace"  Forum Konstantin Zatulinin, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma  Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with  Compatriots, head of the Institute of CIS Countries stated .

Recalling that more than 2 million Armenians live in Russia, he added  that this is an influential and respected part of the country's  population. According to Zatulin, on the path of formation, peoples  and states pass through fire and water, and glory. <I have been to  Karabakh several times. I have visited without exception in all  conflict zones of Europe and the post-Soviet space. The great  impression is that, despite all the sacrifices and sufferings, the  people of Artsakh demonstrate tremendous achievements in peaceful  life.  People in Artsakh live a full-fledged life, opposing any  incitement>,  said Zatulin, while noting that it was impossible not  to touch upon the issue of recognizing Artsakh at the forum.

According to him, everyone expects and hopes that good will and a  sober approach to the settlement of the Karabakh conflict will  triumph and peace will return to this land. At the same time, he  added that, no doubt, such a moment will not come when  Nagorno-Karabakh loses its statehood. "I can say that the Russian  Federation, as an intermediary, promotes a peaceful resolution to the  conflict and suppresses military attempts in every possible way. Such  an attempt was made in April 2016, it was not part of the plan of  kind people, and Russia did everything in its power to end it soon  and reduction of explosiveness. The settlement of the Karabakh  conflict is a priority for us, "Zatulin said, in this context, he  recalled that Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia and  South Ossetia, overcoming sanctions, contributed to the return of  Crimea to the Russian Federation. He noted the complex negotiations  that are ongoing with Ukraine.

<But, one way or another, you can be sure that the Russian Federation  as a state will not allow an unjust solution to the Karabakh  conflict. I'm just sure of that. Whoever the president or the prime  minister is, the Russian people first of all value conscience and  justice. And they are on your side>,  Zatulin concluded. 

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