Friday, October 11 2019 12:14
Karina Manukyan

ARF condemns Turkey`s genocidal intentions for Kurds and  ethnic  minorities

ARF condemns Turkey`s genocidal intentions for Kurds and  ethnic  minorities

ArmInfo. The ARF "Dashnaktsutyun" party issued a statement condemning the military  operations of Turkey in Syria.

According to the party's statement, Turkey carries out a clear  military aggression in Syria, once again violating the rights of  states and peoples prescribed by international law. This, for its  part, not only threatens the territorial integrity of Syria, but also  the security of representatives of other nations living in this  country, including Armenians and Kurds. At the same time, as  emphasized, Turkey, hiding behind the fight against terrorism, leads  to a new aggravation of hostilities, the result of which is the  activation of terrorist organizations and the threat of humanitarian  catastrophe.

"It is of concern that this all takes place in the context of  international efforts to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in  Syria," the authors of the statement note, pointing out the  inadequate response of the forces and organizations involved in the  mediation process to the actions of the country that carried out the  Armenian Genocide.

ARF condemns Turkish hostilities in Syria and genocidal intentions  against Kurds and national minorities; notes its readiness to assist  its compatriots in the war zone; supports the condemnation by the  international community of the actions of the Turkish authorities  against the stability in the region.

The Turkish army conducted a major operation against Kurdish militias  in northern Syria. Previously, Turkish bombers attacked the positions  of the Kurds. By evening, Turkish artillery was engaged. A few hours  after the air raids and shelling, Turkey launched a ground attack.  The purpose of the operation is to oust Kurdish militia units from  the northern regions of Syria and create a "security zone" there. Two  million Syrian refugees are planned to be accommodated in this zone.

Donald Trump, after the start of the air raids, called Turkey's  operation against the Syrian Kurds "a bad idea." At the request of  France, the UN Security Council discussed this operation.

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