Thursday, October 10 2019 15:22
Alexandr Avanesov

The first stage of forest restoration begins in Armenia

The first stage of forest restoration begins in Armenia

ArmInfo. The first stage of forest restoration begins in Armenia. At the October 10 meeting, the Armenian government redistributed budget funds in order to implement  this program.

According to the Minister of the Environment Erik Grigoryan, out of a  total of 425.8 million drams, 424 million will be directed to  "Hayantar" SNCO, and the rest will be returned to the Government  Reserve Fund. According to the Minister, this is the first stage of  an unprecedented program of forest restoration.  "For decades, this  problem has not been given due attention," he said.

Under the new program, planting of forests on 150 hectares is  envisaged. <The time has come for "Hayantar" to take over the  functions of reforestation>. He said that within the framework of the  grant program, it is planned to attract another 150 million drams to  solve this problem next year. With the assistance of FAO, the Green  Climate Fund (GCF) will provide Armenia $ 19.5 million in the form of  a grant for planting forests, their protection and reproduction. "And  this is only the beginning," the minister assured.

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