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Diplomat: Exhausted energy resources force Azerbaijan to build  nuclear power plant

Diplomat: Exhausted energy resources force Azerbaijan to build  nuclear power plant

ArmInfo. Exhausted energy resources force Azerbaijan to build nuclear power plants. A similar opinion was expressed by ArmInfo Ambassador Extraordinary and  Plenipotentiary, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia Arman  Navasardyan.

"In my opinion, statements about agreements between Moscow and Baku  on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Azerbaijan should  cause us concern. It is assumed that the capacity of the Azerbaijani  nuclear power plant will exceed the capacity of the Armenian nuclear  power plant by 4 times. The construction of the nuclear power plant  on the Absheron Peninsula was planned back in the Soviet years and  today Baku is trying to return to the implementation of this project  with the help of Moscow, which has already given fundamental consent  to this, "he said.

According to the diplomat, like any leader of a country with nuclear  energy, Ilham Aliyev is also probably thinking of creating nuclear  weapons, somewhere in remote corners of his mind. However, according  to Navasardyan, a similar scenario is excluded.

Commenting on Aliyev's speeches on October 2 on the sidelines of the  Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi, the diplomat first of all emphasized  the fallacy of Armenia's decision not to take part in this event. In  his opinion, the participation of Armenia was necessary, especially  considering that Aliyev's participation was initially known.

The speech of the Azerbaijani president in Sochi, Navasardyan  assesses as an attempt to revenge for the trilateral meeting that did  not take place in August with Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Putin.  In  general, the diplomat assesses Aliyev's Valdai speech as shameful, in  particular, the vocabulary of the Azerbaijani president and his  reproach to Armenia. At the same time, Navasardyan noted the need for  a serious attitude to some points in Aliyev's speech. In particular,  the resumption of military-technical cooperation with Russia, through  the implementation of the supply of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan for  the remaining two out of five billion dollars.

At a meeting of the Valdai Club in Sochi, Aliyev once again accused  Armenia of "occupying Azerbaijani territories." Commenting on the  statement of the Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on the  belonging of Artsakh to Armenia, Aliyev stated that "Nagorno-Karabakh  is Azerbaijan, and an exclamation mark." Aliyev also decided that the  people of Nagorno-Karabakh do not exist, but only the Armenian and  Azerbaijani people of Karabakh. 

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