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Karina Manukyan

Serj Tankian: The problem of Amulsar field development is politicized

Serj Tankian: The problem of Amulsar field development is politicized

ArmInfo. The problem of  developing the Amulsar field is politicized. This was stated by the  leader of the rock band System of a Down Serj Tankian at a press  conference in Yerevan on October 9.

Tankian admitted that he previously he kept in touch with local  environmental groups. Meanwhile, according to him, today  environmental problems in the republic are for the most part  extremely politicized.  "If we talk about the Amulsar field, there is  a real danger of legal processes and appeals to the Arbitration  Court, and certain people are trying to get political dividends from  this," he said.

''Yes, I welcome environmental groups, but I do not like that the  problem is being politicized. I see that people who have never dealt  with environmental issues have suddenly become very active. Of  course, you better know what is happening here, but such issues must  be considered multilaterally. I can say that the Armenian authorities  conduct more in-depth studies of this issue than any other  government, even the American one'', Tankian concluded.

It should be noted that Lydian Armenia, which is a subsidiary of the  British Lydian International, is developing the Amulsar field. The  life of the deposit will be 10 years and 4 months, with an average of  200 thousand ounces of gold planned to be mined annually. Amulsar  field is the second largest reserve in Armenia. According to the  company, the deposit contains about 73733 kg of gold with an average  grade of 0.78 g per ton, as well as 294.367 tons of silver with an  average grade 9.29 g per ton.

To note, earlier Serj Tankian opposed the development of the Teghout  field in Armenia. As a sign of support for the environmental  movement, he wore a ''Save Teghout'' T-shirt at his concerts.

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