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Ani Mshetsyan

Robert Kocharian: I am ready to continue the fight even from the  prison cell

Robert Kocharian: I am ready to continue the fight even from the  prison cell

ArmInfo.The hopes of people who believe that imprisonment can make me abandon my principles and political goals are ridiculous. The first president of Artsakh, the  second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan wrote about this on his  Facebook page, in response to a statement circulated on the eve in  support of Kocharyan, as well as those who supported this statement.  

The second president of Armenia, emphasized that he was ready to  continue the fight even from the prison cell. He thanked all those  who signed this statement, emphasizing that it inspired him. "Of  course, it is encouraging when various people who have unreasonable  authority, both in Armenia and Artsakh, come together and come  forward on the issue of political persecution against me. I would  also like to thank the hundreds of our citizens and the Diaspora  Armenians who They joined the statement and welcomed it both on  social networks and on other sites, "Kocharian emphasized.

He also noted that the voice of these figures is proved by the fact  that what is happening has ceased to be a struggle for the freedom of  one person, forvcessation of political persecution against one  person.

"This fight is being waged in the name of a right-wing and democratic  state, as well as against arbitrariness.  The lawlessness policy  pursued by the Prime Minister has awakened a part of the intellectual  community.  The best evidence of this is the dissemination of this  statement. I want you to have no doubt that I am determined to  continue the fight even from the prison cell, "Kocharian emphasized.

The second president of Armenia emphasized that some people's hopes  that imprisonment would force him to abandon his principles and  political goals are ridiculous. "I worked on them back in 1988, from  the first days of the Artsakh movement. And I am sure that justice  will prevail, after which we will all begin to work together to  strengthen and build the security of our two states," Robert  Kocharian concluded.

It should be noted that last night a joint statement was circulated  by a number of political, public, cultural and sports figures of  Armenia and Artsakh. It expressed "concern about lawlessness against  the first president of Artsakh and the second president of Armenia,  Robert Kocharian." The statement also noted that Kocharian is a  political prisoner. The signatories called on the authorities to  suspend the anti- constitutional process of political persecution and  pressure on the courts, comply with the decision of the  Constitutional Court and change the preventive measure against Robert  Kocharian.


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