Tuesday, October 8 2019 18:36
Ani Mshetsyan

MP: Today, the state is in no way trying to impede the activities of  journalists in Armenia

MP: Today, the state is in no way trying to impede the activities of  journalists in Armenia

ArmInfo. I believe that our state, formed on legal principles, will react to the attack on the Aeli Press Club (Mirror - Ed.) Appropriately. On October 8, Hovhannes  Igityan, deputy chairman of the parliamentary commission on foreign  relations, MP from the My Step bloc, said this in an interview with  ArmInfo.

He noted that such behavior was unacceptable. "The Prime Minister of  Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has repeatedly stated the need for freedom of  the press. This is our strategy in this matter, all those guilty  should be deservedly punished," said Igityan.

The MP also noted that recently some politicians have begun to draw  parallels between the politics of the "My Step" bloc and the RPA  regarding the media. According to Igityan, these are completely  different things. "As an example, we can recall how the A1 + TV  channel was closed. Then the state fought against the opposite  opinion in the media and imposed arrests and fines on the editors of  these publications. As a result, they lost the opportunity to exist.  During the RPA, many journalists were persecuted and sometimes found  themselves behind bars, "the deputy emphasized.

He also noted that now the state has a completely different attitude  to the opposition and does not in any way try to impede the  activities of journalists in Armenia.Note that on October 5 a video appeared on the social network in  which a group of people threw eggs at the wall of the Aili Press  Club, pasted it with posters and stated that they would not allow the  work of this media. Young people said that representatives of the  press club disseminate pro-Azerbaijani information.

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