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Ani Mshetsyan

Ruben Rubinyan: The event with the participation of the Artsakh  Ombudsman aroused wide interest among PACE deputies

Ruben Rubinyan: The event with the participation of the Artsakh  Ombudsman aroused wide interest among PACE deputies

ArmInfo. We consider one of the main achievements during the recent PACE session that we organized an event with the participation of Artsakh Ombudsman Artak Beglaryan. The head of the parliamentary commission on foreign relations, the  head of the Armenian delegation to PACE, Ruben Rubinyan, said this at  a press conference on October 8.

He noted that the event held by the Armenian delegation was dedicated  to the rights of people living in the so-called "gray zones". (Refers  to unrecognized states - Ed.)

"Artak Beglaryan made a speech during the event, in which he  presented the situation in Artsakh, as well as how democracy, human  rights and other democratic values are developing in the NKR. It was  very pleasant that the event aroused general interest, PACE deputies  from Russia were present , France, Germany, etc., "Rubinyan  emphasized, noting that the Artsakh Ombudsman had personal meetings  with some of them.  At the same time, the deputy noted that in this  PACE session the Armenian delegation could not avoid clashes with  representatives of the Azerbaijani delegation. "During the recent  session, the members of the Azerbaijani delegation were more  aggressive and belligerent than usual. Apparently, this was due to  Aliyev's speech at the plenary session of the Valdai International  Discussion Club in Sochi. They made an almost identical text," the  deputy stressed .

Rubinyan noted that no one is seriously taking the members of the  Azerbaijani delegation there. Since the latter always, regardless of  the topic discussed, seek to raise the Karabakh issue. "Be that as it  may, we always answer the members of the Azerbaijani delegation,  since not all PACE deputies are well acquainted with the Karabakh  issue, and if we are silent, it may seem that there is some truth in  their words. However, our answers, unlike their statements, they are  always reasoned and justified, "the head of the Armenian delegation  to PACE emphasized.

In conclusion, Rubinyan noted that we should strive to ensure that  PACE ceases to be a platform for discussing political conflicts, and  serves as a platform for the protection of human rights.  It should  be noted that on September 30, as part of the autumn session in PACE,  at the initiative of the Armenian delegation, an event entitled "Are  human rights universal?" In addition to the Artsakh Ombudsman, the  event was also attended by the former head of the French delegation  to PACE, Rene Roux, and a panel discussion was held. The event was  attended by PACE delegates and diplomats from different countries,  international experts and human rights activists, as well as Council  of Europe officials.  The discussion concerned the issue of  protecting human rights in unrecognized states and the role of the  Council of Europe in this process. 

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