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Karina Manukyan

Hayk Marutyan: Having studied all the facts of Sanitek`s activity we  are not afraid of the Arbitration Court

Hayk Marutyan: Having studied all the facts of Sanitek`s activity we  are not afraid of the Arbitration Court

ArmInfo.Having studied all the facts of Sanitek's activity, we are not afraid that the company will appeal to the Arbitration Court. We are ready for this. On May 8,  Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan said this in an interview with reporters,  commenting on the statement of Sanitek about its readiness to file a  lawsuit with the Arbitration Court.

"The process of concluding an agreement with Sanitek is of great  concern. In addition, there are issues related to both the work and  the documentation of the company. In this regard, based on the facts  gathered, we plan to once again appeal to the Prosecutor General's  office,"  the Mayor noted.  Marutyan praised the work of the second  garbage collection operator operating in the capital's municipality.   He noted that the positive dynamics will become even more apparent  after a few months, when the process of equipping equipment and  related personnel is completed. Thus, the number of new garbage cans  is expected to increase from 4.000 to 9.000, and the corresponding  cars will increase from 34 to 54.

Problems with the removal of household waste in Yerevan began in the  summer of 2018, and in the spring of 2019, Sanitek was fined twice  for failure to fulfill obligations, for a total of 40 million drams.  Sanitek International has filed a lawsuit against Yerevan  Muninipality. The amount of the claim is almost 25 million drams. In  February, criminal tax evasion proceedings were instituted against  Sanitek International and Sanitek Armenia.

In addition, the Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia issued a  statement that "Sanitek" caused damage to the capital budget in the  amount of 5.3 billion drams. The company itself denies the  allegations.  On October 2 of this year, "Sanitek" company received  the last money transfer from the Yerevan Municipality: 160 million  drams were transferred to the company for services provided in the  second half of August this year. It was noted that the Municipality  of Yerevan no longer has any financial obligations to Sanitek, given  that since August 29 of this year, the company has completely stopped  providing services for garbage collection and sanitary cleaning in  Yerevan. 

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