Tuesday, October 8 2019 13:55
Karina Manukyan

MP`s application against CC`s President Hrayr Tovmasyan sent to SIS

MP`s application against CC`s President Hrayr Tovmasyan sent to SIS

ArmInfo.MP Arman Babajanyan's application against President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia Hrayr Tovmasyan was sent to the Special  Investigation Service (SIS) with the aim of verifying the  circumstances stated there through criminal proceedings. Advisor to  the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Gor Abrahamyan  reported this.

To recall, on October 4, the MP personally submitted an application  to the Prosecutor General demanding a criminal legal assessment of  the actions of  the Constitutional Court's President Hrayr Tovmasyan. 

According to him, in 2018, in order to appoint Tovmasyan to this  position, gross violations of the law were committed, which actually  led to usurpation of power. So, Hrayr Tovmasyan, who was elected to  the parliament of the sixth convocation in 2017, the day before of  his appointment as a member of the Constitutional Court did not  submit an application to resign. Thus, until January of the current  year, that is, before the first meeting of the seventh parliament,  he, according to Babajanyan, was both a MP and President of the  Constitutional Court.

We add that the National Assembly of Armenia at the next meeting on  October 4 adopted the initiative of the "My Step" ruling bloc to  appeal to the Constitutional Court on early termination of the powers  of  the Constitutional Court's President Hrayr Tovmasyan. 98 MPs  voted for the adoption of the initiative, with one against. The  decision of the National Assembly serves as guidelines, since the  final word will belong to the members of the Constitutional Court,  which must decide on 2/3 of the votes.

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