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Alexandr Avanesov

Nikol Pashinyan: Echmiadzin is the spiritual capital of all Armenians  around the world

Nikol Pashinyan: Echmiadzin is the spiritual capital of all Armenians  around the world

ArmInfo.Echmiadzin is the spiritual capital of all Armenians around the world. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced on October 8 at a ceremony dedicated to the  2704th anniversary of the city.

According to him, throughout the history of the Armenian people,  Etchmiadzin experienced several turning points, one of which was the  adoption of Christianity as an official state religion, which played  a historical role in the fate of the people. And today, the Armenian  Apostolic Church is the main bearer of Christianity.

The city also, continued Nikol Pashinyan, became the center for the  creation of Armenian writing. The Catholicos of All Armenians  Sahak-Partev personally dealt with this issue, which marked the  beginning of education in on the native language.

Another manifestation of the importance of Echmiadzin is the heroic  battle of Sardarapat, and the fact in the success of the historical  battle is also that Catholicos of all Armenians Gevorg the Fifth  refused to leave the city despite the dangerous situation he faced.  The Catholicos, showing exceptional courage, said that if the people  and the army are not able to defend the country, then he himself will  personally be in the forefront of the city's defenders. This news  instantly spread among the defenders, doubling their strength and  boosting morale.

The Prime Minister emphasized that Etchmiadzin also played a  prominent role in the Artsakh war. Many Echmiadzin residents went to  the battlefields, defending their homeland at the cost of their lives  and health.

Echmiadzin also became one of the centers of another turning point,  when a woman was elected mayor for the first time in the country's  long history. "I hope that this event will have turning points, and  the involvement of women in the system of public administration,  political processes will become even more significant, will acquire  new, more serious proportions," the head of government said. Today  there are more than half of women in Armenia, and the government  should create the conditions for their active involvement in public  life. "The desire to limit the political activity of women would be a  big mistake," the head of government said.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that in today's Armenia people will  think about the future of the country, not only in the short, but  also in the long term. "Today's authorities of the republic have a  responsibility to those generations who will celebrate the 5408th  anniversary of Echmiadzin. I wish the residents of the city, all of  Armenia more confidence in their strengths, their future, their  people," Nikol Pashinyan emphasized.

It should be noted that on the occasion of the 2704th anniversary of  Echmiadzin, a number of events are planned in the city, in which, in  addition to the Prime Minister, numerous guests, public figures,  politicians, and representatives of the diplomatic corps take part.  The celebration will continue at the Komitas Palace of Culture, where  an exhibition of works by Echmiadzin artists will open. After that,  the presentation of sculptures by students of the Ruben Nalbandyan  School of Art will take place in St. Marian Park. Sports and dance  performances, a festival of kyufta, a concert program, visits to  museums and much more will also take place. Events will end with a  festive concert and fireworks.

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