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Marianna Mkrtchyan

Armenia ranks third in the number of visits by its citizens of  Georgia

Armenia ranks third in the number of visits by its citizens of  Georgia

ArmInfo. Armenia ranks third  in the number of visits by its citizens of Georgia. This is evidenced  by the data of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia.  

According to the source, over the past three months the country has  been visited by a record number - 3 million 375 thousand 116  visitors. This is 148 thousand 700 or 4.6% more than the same period  last year.  Moreover, according to statistics, Georgia has become a  popular destination for citizens of Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and  Turkey.

"Azerbaijan takes the first place in terms of the number of visitors  - 547 thousand 114 visitors, an increase of 10% compared to the  previous year. Russia takes the second place - 514 thousand 387  visitors, a decrease of 12%; Armenia is located on the third line -  462 thousand 150, the growth - 5%; followed by Turkey - 407 thousand  718, growth - 8%; and the top 5 Georgian citizens (non-residents) -  141 thousand 926 visitors, an increase of 3.5%, "the source said.

Moreover, according to statistics, the sanctions of Russia did not  affect the tourist flow to the country, and for the period from July  8, 2019 to the end September, only 68343 visitors from Russia  decreased due to the cancellation of direct flights from Russia and  the imposition of sanctions. The department also state that the  reduction in Russian tourists was made up for visitors from other  countries, which increased by 148 thousand.

The source indicates that a significant decrease in tourist flow by  Russian direction was balanced due to the increase the number of  visitors from other countries - especially from Ukraine, Israel,  Saudi Arabia.  Meanwhile, the data indicate that over the past three  months, the number of Iranians visiting Georgia has fallen sharply -  by 52%. In 2018, 97.580 visitors from this country visited Georgia in  July-September, and in 2019 their number was only 47 thousand 755.  According to preliminary data from the Georgian National Tourism  Administration, in January-August 2019, income from international  travelers amounted to 2 billion 200 million dollars, which is less  than last year 0.4%. In August 2019 alone, revenues from  international travelers amounted to $ 396 million, which is 10.6%  less compared to August last year.

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